Sony invests in overseas development group

Sony effectively closed Japan Studio earlier this year, maintaining Astro’s playroom developer team Asobi and expanding it into a full-fledged first-party team. However, many feel that the PlayStation is turning its back on their home country, and Gran Turismo 7 maker Polyphony Digital is the only other group based in Japan. According to PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hurst, that’s not true.

“We still say that we are a very Japanese company in some respects,” he told Game Informer. “That’s our legacy. It’s still part of us. I love Japanese games.” Hulst said that in addition to Team Asobi and Polyphony Digital, platform owners are also investing in external development units. explained.

“We are also investing in external development groups outside of Tokyo, which is clearly a team that has worked with From Software, Kojima Productions and others,” he continued. “So we are very invested in Japanese development and Japanese development is what we love. This is the heart of PlayStation’s identity and keeps us away from Japanese and Asian development. I don’t think you can see it. “

Sony XDEV is currently operating globally and has a significant number of hires in Tokyo and Japan. All this hopes that in the next generation there will be a lot of projects published on PlayStation coming out of the country. Exciting!

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