Sony Pictures develops 3 movies and 7 TV shows based on PlayStation games

Sheriff Sayed, Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 10:03 GMT

Sony Pictures delves into the characteristics of PlayStation video games.

Sony picturesSony Corporation’s television and film production division seems to be working on more than Uncharted.

Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinsikela told CNBC (via MediaPost) that the studio is working on three films and seven television shows. All of these are based on PlayStation video game content.

According to Vinsikela, Sony will become more dependent on its own brand in the future. “I don’t have any specific plans yet, but I have an in-house program called One Sony,” he explained.

“You will see Sony companies further integrated.”

Of course, Sony solidified this effort last year by establishing PlayStation Productions, a division aimed at adapting the various PlayStation IPs to movies and television. PlayStation Productions was led by Shawn Layden at the time and may show its logo in the next Uncharted movie.

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Sony Pictures is developing 3 movies and 7 TV shows based on PlayStation games

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