Sony teases PlayStation response to Xbox game pass

The Xbox Game Pass is probably the most popular game subscription service today, and Sony’s support is in the spotlight. When asked directly about what Sony was planning to compete with the Xbox Game Pass in an interview with TASS, Sony Interactive CEO Jim Ryan said there was “future news.”

Ryan also pointed out that PlayStation already offers a rival to the Xbox Game Pass. “There is PlayStation Now … and it’s available in many markets,” he said.

Over the past few years, Sony has already steadily tried to compete with the Xbox Game Pass. In 2019, we reduced the monthly price of PlayStation Now from $ 20 to $ 10. This seems to match the monthly base price of the Xbox Game Pass, which is $ 10. In 2020, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus Collection, a service that allows PS Plus subscribers to choose the big PS4 titles. In an interview with, Ryan said: If you have a PS5 and have a PS Plus subscription, you can basically get a PS4 at the price of your subscription. “

Ryan also emphasized that the company does not emulate certain parts of the Xbox Game Pass strategy. In particular, Ryan disagrees with Microsoft’s tactic of releasing new games as soon as they are released on the subscription service. “We’re not going on the road to putting new release titles into the subscription model. Developing these games can cost millions, well over $ 100 million. What is sustainable? I’m not thinking, “he commented.

It’s no secret that the Xbox Game Pass is a huge attraction for consumers looking to decide between a PlayStation or an Xbox console. For $ 10 per month, players can access over 200 games. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier has recently also included EA Play titles, adding a larger slate to the game’s subscription service. Check the Xbox Game Pass breakdown for more information.

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