Sony will refund to those who purchase future PS Plus games

Sony today announced the free PS Plus game for January 2021. PS Plus subscribers are featured in three games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, GreedFall, and the PS5 version of Maneater (if you own a PS5). The first is the third entry in the Tomb Raider Reboot series, the second is a classic BioWare-style RPG developed by Spider, and Maneater is a game about sharks seeking revenge with a complete upgrade system. When it comes to free PS Plus games for a month, it’s a pretty impressive lineup.

However, some people have recently purchased games that have moved to subscription services such as the PS Plus and Game Pass. This is usually a “well” situation, but Sony has recently reportedly sent an auto-refund to anyone who bought one of these games, Maneater.

RedditorBraeWhy Seems to have reported this first. After launching PS5 today, Redditor received the following message: “Because this is a PlayStation Plus monthly game, as a PlayStation Plus subscriber, we will refund the purchase price of this product to the PlayStation Store wallet because it has not removed the game from your library. In other words, even though the game hasn’t been released on the PS Plus for a few days, Redditor can still play the game with a refund.

Refunds haven’t been processed yet, but some people say they’ve also received this message. This can depend on many factors, including the bank someone uses, the number of refunds issued by Sony, and the year-end and New Year holidays. With the exception of Maneater, there appear to be no reports of Greed Fall or Shadow of the Tomb Raider being refunded. There are various possible reasons for this as well. One is that the Maneater is much newer and is inevitably more likely to have been purchased within certain time constraints than the other two.

Sony hasn’t said how long it’s considering a Maneater refund, but BraeWhyIt said it bought the game last month. This means that many people who bought the game last month or so should check their PS5 to see if they also received the above message.

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