Sony’s cross-generation support for PS4 and PS5 was not a U-turn

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One reader argues that Sony isn’t inconsistent in making games on both the PS4 and PS5, and that their current approach makes perfect sense.

While it seems to have been a generally positive few weeks for the PlayStation 5 (despite major supply and demand issues), launch aggressiveness hasn’t helped to spread concerns about some of the games that will continue. It seems. Released on PlayStation 4.

I’ve been discussing this elsewhere for a long time and realize that it’s hard to convey my view as something other than an excuse, but my understanding is all about Sony’s LIES. The decision to release some PlayStation 5s makes a clear U-turn. Its predecessor game came from this now-infamous interview with Jim Ryan:

“We’ve always said we believe in generations. When tackling all the challenges of creating next-generation consoles, we need to include features and benefits that previous generations didn’t have. And we believe, and in our view, people should make games that take full advantage of those features.

“We believe in generations, whether it’s a DualSense controller, whether it’s 3D audio, whether it’s multiple ways to use SSDs … something new or something different in the PlayStation community. I think it’s time to offer it. It really can only be enjoyed on PS5. “

First of all, I need to point out that I haven’t purchased either next-generation system yet. But isn’t Ryan’s statement of intent still what Sony is aiming for on the PlayStation 5? In all the reviews I encountered, the main point was that its features and benefits felt like a next-generation machine. This includes playing cross-generation games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

I fully understand why claiming that I have never lied technically is considered dishonest to Sony and other advocates. Those who have always expected future games to appear on the PlayStation 4, or are ready to move on, should be ecstatic that the old technology can run the next generation of games, but U-turns I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly where it is, or a lie has occurred outside of a particular (albeit understandable) interpretation of an old quote.

Did Sony wait and blame Microsoft for not having the next generation of exclusivity? Well, sit down on the news that they could probably share earlier, but before anyone can do anything with it (and before you pre-order either machine) that news Has been released.

They might be considered hypocrites because of Microsoft’s fever, but now the console is here and almost everything I’ve read about both machines is to start offering the next generation of experiences. It’s in the right place, suggesting that you’re already doing it.

Anyway, if you tell the truth before the lie affects you, what are the benefits of lying? Indeed, the simple explanation is that companies prefer to control when information becomes available. Exactly the same day, Sony confirmed that Demon’s Souls would be the launch title for the PlayStation 5 (among other announcements), but read too much about how such positive news is managed. I don’t. I don’t want Sony to knowingly come out later until it’s finally confirmed.

I think Sony knew at least a few months before the PlayStation 5 games were said to appear on PlayStation 4 ( Knee jerk (Change in approach) However, it is not possible to actually conclude whether these games are at risk just because something like Red Dead Redemption 2 or The can be on the machine that provided it. I believe. Last of Us Part 2.

I don’t remember feeling a lot of disappointment with the technical aspects of the launch of Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Titanfall, or Metal Gear Solid 5. There is a lot of praise for how the previous generation version was released. Similarly, the Witcher 3, Divinity: Original Sin 2, XCOM 2, Doom, etc. are also present on Switch, a machine with home console technology comparable to those that existed in June 2005 when they were first released. Would the PlayStation 4 / Xbox One versions of these (very popular) games be more disappointing if people knew what to do?

Now we are talking about another generation of leap, and thank you that these new console SSD technologies are intended to be game changers. I’m looking forward to demonstrating that, but I don’t think it makes sense to expect an immediate and universal change in the way games are created. In other words, older technologies may not be able to do it.

Like the expectation that state-of-the-art games on a 450-pound machine shouldn’t be hampered by performance compromises, this is far from a descent of any kind, as some gamers have promised themselves. is. It is optional and must provide the maximum frame rate, resolution, and raytracing settings that are currently struggling to achieve with two additional spectacular technologies.

The commercial incentive to provide cross-generation when possible is obvious, so I won’t cover it here, but depending on how it’s actually deployed so far, there’s more to the apparently incomprehensible approach so far. I think I got the insight. After hearing all the aggressiveness about the PlayStation 5 at launch and how many people are happy with even the cross-generation games on it, I’m a little surprised at all this’Sony blatantly lies With a new cross-generation, the PlayStation 5 Game Deterioration line is still running very strongly.

The combination of PlayStation 5 exclusive games and timeless games now seems to be a wise balance, but PlayStation 5 is arguably positioned as the most compelling PlayStation launch year to date. think. I’m still accepting the idea of ​​disappointment as the 2021 cross-generation release doesn’t take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s features, but if such a game is flawed, the main problem isn’t it. .. The biggest gameplay issues are rare, so they fall into technical shortcomings.

Overall, I find it hard to deny that the message is a bit unsuccessful and too little is clearly explained in advance. But even before the PlayStation 5 went on sale, I saw countless examples of confusion over Sony, deviating from the fact pattern of not knowing if it actually existed.

My hope was that as the console started talking, it would be clearer what Jim Ryan was talking about before all those long paragraphs. Despite the many accounts that accurately suggest that the PlayStation 5 has shown its beliefs for generations from day one, it’s unclear if pudding evidence is sufficient for some gamers. ..

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Sony’s cross-gen support for PS4 and PS5 was not a U-turn – Reader’s Feature

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