Sony’s PS5 set aside Japan is a big opportunity for Microsoft’s Xbox

Ghost Of Tsushima was actually made in the United States (Photo: Sony)

One reader is worried that the report that Sony has left Japanese game development is true and that it will fall into the hands of Microsoft.

For many years, Sony has left the Japanese gaming industry and positioned the PlayStation primarily as an American brand.Of course, they deny it, but at least in 2016 they The division has been reorganized to be based in the United States instead of Japan.

This is probably due to Japan’s obsession with mobile games and the poor performance of PlayStation 4 and all consoles.

The current boss, Jim Ryan, seems to have confirmed this in a recent Edge interview, before suggesting that Japan “has been engaged in console development again since then.” However, Sony has not deepened its relationship with Japan.

It’s not just Japan. In 2019, Sony wiped out the PlayStation offices in Europe and refocused on everyone and everyone in the United States. This all sounds like a classic power grab by Ryan, who is still relatively new to top jobs, and this isn’t all for the benefit of Sony, PlayStation, or gamers, but primarily flapping his nest. It may have been done for.

Ryan may deny all this, but Bloomberg’s recent controversial report is that the creators of Gravity Rush and Silent Hill just left Sony’s Japan Studio along with many other veterans. Not many rolling contracts have been renewed by Sony and the developer support team, and the number has been reduced by a third. And remember, this is Bloomberg reporting this, not 4chan’s anonymous troll.

This is crazy for me. Because Japan is still making the best video games in the world. This includes PlayStation 4’s top-only products such as Bloomborne, The Last Guardian, and Persona 5, but Sony’s deep involvement in the Japanese gaming industry is PlayStation’s main advantage over the Xbox.

Not only does Xbox sell nothing in Japan, but Microsoft has little to do with Japanese publishers and often doesn’t even bring fairly large games to the Xbox format. But there are all the signs that will change.

After Microsoft spent $ 7.5 billion on Bethesda, they soon said they were interested in buying more companies, and rumors quickly spread that they were looking for a Japanese company next. But you don’t need rumors to know that. It’s common sense.

So this is absolutely the worst time Sony suddenly begins to alienate Japanese publishers, especially when their last two big Japanese games were actually made in the West (Ghost Of Tsushima is American By the company, Demon’s Souls is a remake of Japanese games by Westerners). The only actual Japanese game for the PlayStation 5 launch was the 3-hour Astro’s Playroom. This was great, but it had to be a complete and proper game.

Without buying wholly Microsoft had the opportunity to set up a brand new studio with Square Enix, Capcom, or those who left Sony. As always happens with video game companies, success on the one hand is due to mistakes on the other, and Sony seems to be walking straight to the company.

As I said, they deny that kind of thing is happening, and the only way to know for sure is to see what’s going to happen in the next few years and see what’s going to happen to Microsoft. That is. The fact is, no matter what Sony says, there is no new Japan Studio game known to be in production right now, and Gran Turismo 7 is currently the only Japanese first party of all kinds.

Sooner or later there will certainly be some, but if Sony can not only waste one of their greatest assets, but also give Microsoft the opportunity to rob it, they deserve everything they get.

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Sony sidelining Japan for PS5 is Microsoft’s big chance for Xbox – Reader’s Feature

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