Soul Review: Pixar is bringing you some Christmas magic

Unfortunately, on the same day he landed a gig that could change his life, he also May Dead … or at least put into a coma. And even more interesting, Joe escaped from Great Beyond and is a kind of educational center / kindergarten for unborn souls on Earth, including an unruly sprite known as 22 Great Before. Will end up in (Tina fey). To stay away from the bright light, Joe agrees with Mentor 22, like many. many The soul that failed before him. And by putting 22 in the story of his own frustrated dream, he opens 22 to the anguish and joy of living.

As a diagram mainly performed in the theoretical composition of Great Before, soul It’s a story and a bold visual experiment. Aside from early references to old films, it’s the Great Before that the director and co-authors Doctor and Kemp Powers stir up their imagination. The overall setting is similar to Apple’s screensaver, or Nintendo’s virtual yoga studio, as it is dedicated to evoking the abstract sensations of Zen and prenatal bliss.

It is the land of the authoritative angelic spirits, all named Jerry or Terry, almost each an exact blend of airy gurus and vague bureaucrats. In fact, Great Before / Beyond has hostile forces, but no villains. They just do a good mental job of nurturing their souls.And through their hegemonic pleasures, they I want Joe does the same for 22, the soul of the problem who never wants to experience life.

And there is the real friction of the movie. How do you explain the need to live and its joy when trying to break everything down into black and white prints? How would you teach your classroom experience as defined by abstract theory?

In this context, Joe is not the only mentor disturbed by 22 people. Prior teachers ranged from Nicolaus Copernicus and Carl Jung to Marie Antoinette and Mother Teresa. In a Disney movie — but he was the first to use disappointment as a guide.

Soul Review: Pixar is bringing you some Christmas magic

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