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Green Bay, Wisconsin- Packers We are looking at another veteran player who was recently released to help their smashed defense.This time is the former Houston Texans Edge rusher Whitney Mercils..

Sources told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler Wednesday that Mercills had signed the Packers.Two weeks after the packers signed the former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Jaron SmithMade his Green Bay debut against Bears on Sunday.

Released by the Texans on Tuesday after spending ten seasons in the franchise, Mercils turned down more money elsewhere to take part in the defense of Green Bay, sources said.

NS Kansas City Chiefs Sources told Fowler that it was also included in the Mercils mix, which guaranteed money to pay him as part of a deal with the Texans.

“There is nothing official,” said Packers coach Matt LaFleur on Wednesday. “Until then, I’m not going to talk much about it.”

When asked if it would be official soon, La Fleur said, “We will see.”

The Texans released the first round draft topic in 2012 on Tuesday. This was his first year in Lovie Smith’s defense when he saw him move from an outside linebacker to the defensive end.

In six games in Houston this season, 31-year-old Mercils lost three sack, four tackles, three quarterback hits and twelve tackles.

His 57 sack in the Texans 10 season ranks second in franchise history JJ WattI had 101 bags in Houston.

The Packers already lacked the Pro Bowl outside of linebacker Zadarius Smith, who had back surgery to kick him out indefinitely after playing 18 snaps in the season opener. Then they lost other top outside linebackers, Preston Smith, With a victory on Sunday Chicago Bears.. He made only eight snaps before leaving due to a diagonal injury.

Packers also lost outside linebackers Chancy Rivers Injured knee at the end of the season earlier this month. Preston Smith has never missed 102 regular season matches in his NFL career.

“I think it’s one of these deals to give him a week and figure out where he’s going,” Lafrule said of whether Preston Smith could play against Washington on Sunday. “Sure we want to welcome him. He’s a big part of our defense. He’s eager to get there and does a great job. I know. He was physical and destructive in both the run and the pass. The game. He provided great leadership there, so certainly we want to get him back. But as the week ends, we will see. “

Wednesday’s Packers also opened a three-week window with a tackle on the left David Bakhtiari You can practice while staying on a list that cannot be physically executed. Wednesday’s training was the first training since tearing the ACL on the left knee on December 31st. The Packers have no plans to add Buff Tiari to the 53 roster this week and will not make his debut next Thursday night in Arizona until the November 7th match in Kansas City.

Packers have dealt with many injuries already this season, Especially about defense..

Before Smith and Mercils come to the veteran cornerback Rusul Douglas Next shoulder injury Jer Alexander (People on the disabled list) Kevin King (People who returned to practice on Wednesday). Douglas played most of the game with the Bears win on Sunday.

Despite all the injuries, the Packers are 5-1 and are heading for Sunday’s match against Washington for the fifth straight match.

It became a quarterback Aaron Rodgers Experience a little déjà vu.

“This season has begun to remind us of the season when we suffered a lot of injuries over a decade ago, and certain pieces were added to the mix during the season, which ultimately played a big role,” Rogers said. Said. “You can imagine the season I’m talking about. That’s good.”

Of course, Rogers mentioned the 2010 season when the Packers won the Super Bowl, even though they finished the season with 15 players on the injured list.

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Source-Passrusher Whitney Mercills Contracting with Green Bay Packers Source-Passrusher Whitney Mercills Contracting with Green Bay Packers

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