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Southern Poverty Law Center Tracks Hatred Group –

From Wikipedia: SPLC is known for its proceedings against white supremacist groups, the classification of hatred groups and other extremist groups, and the promotion of tolerance education programs.

from Southern Poverty Law Center: As we celebrate #GivingTueseday Today, we are very grateful for your support for our common mission to combat the increasingly prevalent racist violence and anti-democratic rhetoric in our country.

This year alone, SPLC has tracked over 800 groups of hatred and extremism across the country. This is a feat that would not have been possible without dedicated supporters and donors. Consider creating a dollar-to-dollar matching gift to support the important work of SPLC over the next few decades.

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The white supremacist tragedy is now more prominent in our culture than it was in the early to mid 20th century. It is a function of the desperate working class looking for poor education and an exit for their anger. Of course, they were caught up in frenzy by the former president and his outright racist staff.

Trump “left the building,” but the fever of hatred did not subside.

This is Link For those who are interested in donations.

Southern Poverty Law Center Tracks Hatred Group – Southern Poverty Law Center Tracks Hatred Group –

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