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The Pittsburgh Steelers are now in the regular season, following NFL’s most unique off-season, at least since World War II. Player lockouts were not included, but the team was at least able to meet virtually, but not physically accessible to the players.

Even the training camp looked very unusual, and most of it was the fact that there was no game in the middle of preparation. Their first football game of the year was to be the opening game against the New York Giants.

However, as the season progresses, many questions are asked every day, so I will do my best to attract attention both in terms of pointing out and creating.Discussion

How will players in new positions perform this year? Can a rookie make a big contribution? What does Ben Roethlisberger look like? And are the other quarterbacks the same? Now there is also a question as to whether the player will be quarantined.

These are just some of the many other questions we survey on a daily basis, and we will continue to do so. Football has become an entertainment all year round, and as I’ve learned this over the years, there are rarely specific answers, but there are always questions to ask.

Question: Will either Robert Spillane or Matt Filer return to practice this week?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have many starters on the reserve / injured list. Two of them could actually come back earlier this week. That is, Matt Filer on the left guard and Robert Spillane, an inside linebacker who took over the starting role after Devin Bush was injured.

Filer has been the starter for most of the last three seasons, but before this year he was doing the right thing. The Steelers moved him to the left guard after Ramon Foster retired.

Spillane is a second-year player who opened up a special team niche for himself in 2019 and has shown enough to win the right to be considered the top backup of the year. Unfortunately, I needed a backup, but he filled it out nicely.

Filer suffered a pectoral injury to Buffalo Bills and missed the last three games of the regular season, but is eligible to return this week. Spillane was injured the week before. He was eligible to return last week, but there wasn’t really an incentive to bring him back to a match game faster than necessary.

Of course, we’re in the playoffs now, and it’s all hands-on decks. Anyone who can play and deserves play time will be on the field. While those alternatives are practically buried as a whole, making the roster as healthy as possible will help.

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Southside 2020 Question: Will Spiran and Filer resume practice this week? Southside 2020 Question: Will Spiran and Filer resume practice this week?

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