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Sovereign Islands Triple Blocks For $ 10 Million

The 15-19 Park Lane Terrace in the Sovereign Islands was sold for $ 10 million.

The last remaining triple block in the Sovereign Islands was sold for $ 10 million to a local buyer who plans to build a world-class home on the land.

It reduces the chances of securing an empty residential block to build a substantial home in the elite pocket of Paradise Point, with few remaining double blocks.

15-19 Park Lane Terrace, Sovereign Islands

The sale of the 15-19 Parklane Terrace has brought significant profits to local resident Bina Stevenson. Bina Stevenson unplannedly purchased a triple block from Lewis Land Corporation for $ 2.47 million in 2006.

After several years in and out of the market, Ms. Stevenson made a new sale in August, and 112 days later the transaction was finally mediated through Alex Philis of Philis Real Estate.

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Purchased by a local couple, Andrew and Suelen Osborn. Instead of building land or developing blocks, they are enthusiastic about building mega-mansion for families “like the Gold Coast has never seen”.

“It’s a really nice block on a quiet street with great views. You can build a mega condominium with both width and depth of the block without any problems,” Philis said.

Buyers want to build world-class homes on land.

He said he was getting a lot of attention from the interstate highway, so it was surprising that the local family was confused by the offer to win.

The news of the sale was welcomed by other residents who were worried that the block would be bought by overseas buyers and left vacant.

“Many people are rooting for it. The locals are happy that it has been passed on to other locals,” Philis said.

He said Stevensons had been away from Brock for two years and was keen to embark on a new home.

Many have views of Broadwater.

“They already have a vision of the house they want to build and are in the process of finding an architect.

“They are planning to build a house with the largest rooftop entertainment deck in the country that can accommodate tennis courts,” he said.

“I don’t think it has ever been done.

“They really want to make something different and have been researching around the world to get inspiration for doing great things.”

Philis said the family loves where they live now, but wants the same view of Broadwater.

Sovereign Islands Triple Blocks For $ 10 Million Sovereign Islands Triple Blocks For $ 10 Million

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