Space Invaders Christmas Charity Tournament Announced

Antstream Arcade has announced a holiday event that offers great events and offers to players around the world. December 23-29.

Challenge the legendary Space Invaders Challenge!

A iconic Taito classic and loved by millions of gamers around the world, Antstream hosts a unique Space Invaders tournament. Gamers can win fame with a global leaderboard featuring the exclusive challenge Alien Ambush. On this leaderboard, players can see how many points they can earn in one life.

Available only on Antstream Arcade, the player is an existing library of over 1000 retro titles, including classics from Atari, Taito and Bandai Namco, on all your favorite devices, including Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac, Android tablets and mobile. You can also access to. Each title features a global leaderboard and new challenges, as well as re-releases, and reinvents them for a new game generation.

Charity live stream in partnership with Safe in Our World and Seven Squared

Twitch Streamer TristaBytes will run a special live stream on December 29th in partnership with the mental health awareness charity Safe in Our World. All livestream donations are directed to Safe in Our World’s key mission of promoting positive mental health well-being within the gaming industry and supporting the mental health of British gamers.

Working with Seven Squared, the creator of retro game merchandise, viewers also have the opportunity to win great retro-style T-shirts for every £ 100 raised.

“We are excited to see more and more people come together to support each other and fulfill the mission of Safe In Our World. We are very grateful for the support from TristaBytes and Antstream. The funds raised will continue to expand mental health awareness for gamers and everyone involved in the video game industry. “ – Safe in Our World Charity Officer Rosie Taylor

All new players are free!

That’s not all, as signing up for Antstream Arcade offers a one-year subscription. For every player who signs up, Antstream will make more donations to Safe in Our World, so there’s never been a better time to dive into the amazing world of retro games!

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Space Invaders Christmas Charity Tournament Announced

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