Space jam game is now available on Xbox, designed by fans

A new space jam game will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass in 2021, but there are two things you need to know. First, the game is based on the next sequel, Space Jam: a new legacy with LeBron James, and second, it’s designed by fans, at least in part.

Microsoft has announced the game and related competition in collaboration with next year’s Space Jam sequel. The game is an “arcade-style” video game that is said to be based on the two ideas that won the contest.

The contest will provide participants with a number of pre-made concept screens based on a combination of genres such as action, adventure, sim, strategy, and shooter, and will ask for a detailed explanation of how to play the game. .. It’s not clear if the winning game will make up the whole final space jam game, or will it be some option in the selection of other mini-games.

The completed game will be offered as a bonus to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 2021.

Although the competition seems to target young fans (although the minimum age is 14), Microsoft is using Space Jam collaboration to set up a series of thematic virtual coding for young people looking to start game development. We also hold workshops.

According to a GameSpot review, the combination of 16-bit basketball gameplay and poorly implemented cartoon-themed mini-games wasn’t the winner, but the original Space Jam also got a tie-in video game in 1996. I put it in.

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