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SpaceX final launch and starship landing success

SpaceX final launch and successful landing of its futuristic starship

On Wednesday, SpaceX successfully launched and landed its futuristic starship.Was the final test flight of Of Elon Musk Rocket ship. In this successful mission, he plans to send people to Mars and land astronauts on the moon.

The previous four test flights ended with an explosion in Texas near Brownsville.

However, the latest upgraded version of SpaceX with full scale has been successfully touched down.
Launch commentator John Insprucker has announced that Starbase Flight Control has confirmed that they were down and that Starship had landed safely.

They quickly extinguished the fire at the base of a 50-meter rocket that remained standing after a six-minute flight. Musk later tweeted that the landing was nominal.

This successful mission came to the 60th anniversary of the flight of Alan Shepard, the first American in space.

NASA’s choice is not accepted by some

In less than a month, Nasa chose SpaceX starship and sent astronauts to the moon the following year. But last week, the $ 3 billion contract was suspended.

Musk said last month that Nasa’s money would help develop Starship. The Starship will eventually be launched on top of the Super Heavy Booster. He said it has been a very expensive project so far and is primarily funded internally. In December, they did their first high altitude test.

On April 23, after the second crew flight of a private company, Musk told reporters that excitement was guaranteed as he had already blown up several spacecraft.

After landing on Wednesday, Starship was still tall for a long time.

But not everyone is happy. NASA has chosen SpaceX for its only contractor, the lunar landing. It was despite the agency that previously proposed it and chose more than one. Blue Origin, owned by competitor Jeff Bezos, and defense firm Dynetics have protested against the US Government Accountability Office contract.

They complained that choosing only SpaceX, which still has technical challenges to solve, is not a good idea.

In a statement, Blue Origin declared that NASA had made a false acquisition of the Human Landing Systems program. Yesterday, Blue Origin also announced the first manned suborbital auction.
During a protest investigation, NASA announced at the end of last month that it would suspend its SpaceX contract. This is normal in this situation. However, the possibility of overturning the contract is doubtful.

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SpaceX final launch and starship landing success SpaceX final launch and starship landing success

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