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They finished the tournament with a runner-up medal, but the UEFA Nations League final undoubtedly confirmed that this was the baby’s era. Spain.. Quoting the name Gavi, Pedri, Yeremi, Ansu, Ferran, and they sound like JRR Tolkein characters, adding swords, loyalty, and cynical humor to Frodo and Bilbo. In reality, they are not mining gems.they that is diamond.

But if each of these geniuses (the youngest just turned 17 and the oldest 21) achieved as much as an “elder politician” in the club and country by the age of 24, It will work very well. Mikel “Bigfoot” Oyarzabaru I have it.

Two illustrious assists in Oyalzabal’s semi-finals and goals in the finals not only put him on track for a tremendously successful year against European and world champions, respectively, but also prime Basque Beef. Mark as.Clubs, especially Manchester city, I’ll call you. Also.

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This year alone Real SociedadThe captain scored the final goal of the winning Copa del Rey against the club’s most fierce rival, the athlete, and won the silverware for the first time in 34 years.He won a victory penalty to put Spain in the Euro 2020 semifinals that ended the previous match CroatiaBy adding Spain’s fifth goal against the World Cup runner-up.

Not only that. far cry.He scored in the Olympic final and set two glory Ferran Torres A goal against the European champion with an assist that looks like it was carved from heaven.Then he put Laroha 1-0 to the World Cup Champion France In the Nations League final on Sunday night before forcing Hugo Lloris A stunning save that saves you extra time.

Oyalzabal and his club, La RealOf its 17 points, the goal of Oyalzabal, who sits co-leading in LaLiga, has 10 responsibilities on its own.

Already earning the hearts of a blue and white loyal man more than 100 times, the man has two very lucrative offers to play in an athletic club across the Basque divide, two from the left. There are wing for each of the last four seasons of Riga (not 25 years old until April 2022) and a penalty conversion rate of 22 out of 25 trials (88%).

Oyalzabal was called “Bigfoot” because he pushed his talented feet into size 13 boots and made his Real Sociedad debut 4-0 from David Moyes. Levante.. Say whatever you want about West Ham’s director, but he has always had a very keen eye for talent. With the same Real Sociedad team as in the afternoon of October Inigo Martinez Just two years later, who did the “unthinkable” La Real Instead, I went hunting with supporters and Los Leones in Bilbao.

Eight months after pinching the central defender, the athletics made a staggering € 81 million transfer. Chelsea for Kepa Arrizabalaga He was also keen to hurt Basque rivals by pulling Oyalzabal away from Anoeta. Not only did the striker reject the idea, taller than More athletic buyout clause than any other club.Nonetheless, Manchester City was the main predator of this aquiline nose-born leader … at least until they spent € 110 million. Jack Grealish..

The city’s football director, Txiki Begiristain, was once exactly in the position of Oyalzabal.

Real Sociedad’s stunning and tenacious winger with Begiristain, who won the Oyalzabal penalty in the final in April last year. La RealThe captain was born 30 minutes (though 33 years) away. 24-year-old Begiristain was drafted into the birth of Johan Cruyff’s dream team. Barcelona It was a great success and became an armbandless leader. Since then, he has created two great successes as football directors at Camp Nou and City.

Citi asked about him a few seasons ago by Captain Bigfoot’s “No Thanks.” La RealIf you dream of joining a sky blue party that catalyzed Begiristain and Guardiola signing Ferran Torres instead.After all, Grealish’s extravagant transfer happened with the addition of creativity and magic to the left of the city, as Oyalzabal wasn’t ready to leave yet. La Real..

Whether Guardiola and Begiristain exchanged resentful and frustrating texts when Oyalzabal gave Ferran Torres these two exquisite assists on Wednesday night is not a matter of record, but it can be inferred. You know what you can do.

Aside from loving the captain, responsibility, and the feeling that more trophies may come to his megaprojection in the international scene with Real Sociedad and Spain, Oyalzabal is now playing football in Sun. Sebastian is more than happy to do anything else in the world David Silva..

This growing icon of Spanish football was born in Eibar, a small town in the Basque Country with a population of 27,000. At Eibar, the “Miracle Club” (stadium capacity: 8,000 people) stayed in LaLiga for seven consecutive seasons until it was demoted in May last year. Growing up in love with a local team, Oyalzabal was taken to see them at the age of seven in 2004, and Silva was rented to Eibar. Valencia 34 honey sweet matches.

“It’s a wonderful memory to meet him,” Oyalzabal explained at EURO 2020. He will leave in up to one season. We need to enjoy him. I have the privilege of sharing the same dressing room as him. I will continue to learn and hopefully win together. “

Silva has never been La Real Long enough to attribute much of Oyalzabal’s excellence to the Canary, perhaps this sprint is due to the potential greatness of the past year and he is the winner of the European Championships and World Cup. It has some roots in what it absorbs from.



Julian Lawrence summarizes the French Nations League defeating Spain.

In the case of Oyalzabal, we are bright, focused on improving ourselves, and dealing with people who go far beyond the ability to control the ball well, sprint and push the goal away. increase. Until relatively recently, he was studying to qualify in his spare time, but simply decided to put another string on the bow.

And he has a clear voice.

“Often people only see the beautiful side of football, but behind the façade, many of us are suffering,” said Oyalzabal during the run of the Spanish Nations League. “There is no doubt that we have the privilege of doing what we like, but it can be a lonely life-it causes emotional release and tears, both good and bad.

“Here in Spain, I’m a little too accustomed to winning. Many thought it was a lot easier than it really is. The golden generation before us thought we should go to the finals and win everything. Success puts a little hypnosis on the fans.

“I think it’s better to be complacent for an era of success than to experience success, but now that we’re trying to match their achievements, which one on the team should achieve? I am keenly aware that I have to work hard only. International success, or the so-called small national team can scare my “favorites”. “

For now, it’s “returning to Basque” for Oyalzabal. La Real Undefeated in Europe so far, on the day Barcelona and Madrid perform Classico, they will face champion Atleti in the blockbuster Metropolitano match. It is a difficult time in Japan.

But as the embers of the defeat in Milan go out, Spanish business isn’t doing this year. A month later, Oyalzabal said, “Let’s see if we’ve done enough to be selected for the next team,” in his view after the match against France on Sunday night. Spain faces a winning match against home Sweden To eliminate the need to pass the World Cup playoff draw in March.

If “Bigfoot” has the same rich shape as this, future enemies should be careful. This is special.

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Spain did not win the Nations League, but Mikel Oyarzabal has a jewel Spain did not win the Nations League, but Mikel Oyarzabal has a jewel

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