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Juventus and Real Madrid have some elements in common this season.

Once upon a time, they were both mentored by a former midfielder – they were both considered pitch geniuses.

In addition, the two European giants are lagging behind in the national league and could lose their throne by the end of the season.

Therefore, Zinedine Zidane and Andrea Pirlo cannot rely on their glory.

The relationship between the French legend and Los Blancos is said to be deteriorating and could start again just two years after returning to the club.

But according to Elchiringito (Via il Bianconero), Juventus recently contacted the 1998 World Cup winner.

The old lady’s interest in the previous playmaker wasn’t entirely new, but Jizou’s return to Turin wasn’t realized.

The report adds that Madrid experienced a “revolution” this summer and the French are no longer part of their project.

Therefore, according to the report, Zidane is currently being tracked by Juventus and the French national team.

As for Pirlo, sources believe that young tacticians still have the trust of Juventus management, but warn that things can change rapidly in football.

In our view, Zidane’s possible pursuit depends initially on Pirlo’s situation.

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli worships a former Milan star, so he won’t give up easily.

However, if the situation becomes even more dire between now and the end of the season, Zidane’s potential availability may turn out to be an outlook that we don’t want to ignore.

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Spanish Report: Juventus Tracks Spanish Report: Juventus Tracks

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