Speak a tunic with its creator Andrew Shouldice

Players have been patiently waiting for the launch since their debut at the Xbox E3 2018 briefing. Tunic, An action-adventure game about a little fox in a big world. I’m looking forward to the day when I can explore the mysterious island and its secrets, but in the meantime, Tunic, Andrew Shouldice, the game’s E3 2018 debut, development updates, and the inspiration behind the game.

Q: Last time, I had the opportunity to actually experience it. Tunic, It was E3 2018. Please tell us the latest information about the game about the features you have been working on since then.

A: That’s a secret!

Okay, there’s a peak here. Every day I work on a lot of different things. There’s always something to do, such as fighting bosses, building new areas, modeling environmental details, and tweaking your senses. More than ever, production isn’t a vague set of questions, but a huge, specific to-do list.

In the last few years Tunic I have a better understanding of what its overall shape is.I’ve always known that it’s a game about exploration, combat, and secrets, but to be precise how Forming it into a cohesive whole is a complex problem to be solved. Looking back, the structure hasn’t changed much, but I’m confident in the details.

Q: Please return to the mood you saw Tunic Displayed during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing. Did you know that your game gets such a prominent place during the show?

A: I knew that the trailer would be featured at the press conference, but I didn’t know. When It was going to appear. We were sitting in the Microsoft Theater, but every time the screen went black between the trailers, I was nervous, not knowing if this was the moment. It was thrilling, but in a good way. It was pretty surprising to see a trailer out there that shows a lot of work and anxiety, not just in the trailer, but in the game itself. It was one of the moments, “Hmm, I think this is really happening.”

What I didn’t even know was that Phil Spencer himself was trying to segue from the trailer to mention my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a real cherry on top.

Q: What surprised us when playing the game was the similarities with the hero in another tunic. All are good comparisons of our books. What other inspiration do you create for your hero and the world?

A: Tunic Indeed, it has a lot of influence on the sleeves.Many people mention The Legend of Zelda There’s a series, and definitely a through line there.If you compare Tunic But for Zelda’s game, it will be the first of any other game. I have a soft spot in games where little instruction is given other than “go looking for treasure, somewhere”, that is, games where uncovering secrets really feels like you. found What is it, as opposed to arriving at “Chapter 4: The Protagonist Finds a Secret”?

It’s hard to be completely sure where each part of the game came from, but here are some things I’ve positively admired while trying to get things right while making. Tunic.. The feeling of being in the perfect position to dodge attacks and land your hits Bloodborne..Sublime and perfect isometry Monument Valley..Mysterious and always present text FEZ..A vast yet intricately connected world Dark soul..Impressive and box-like villain Kells Secret..From the devastated world of a powerful civilization Nausicaä And Laputa. A mystery that straddles the world La Mulana And mist..

If Tunic I can manage to integrate all of this and give people at least some of those feelings, I will be happy.

Q: As a game designer, how do you balance the diversity of combat, exploration and puzzle solving?Do you think you’ve balanced that “perfect” here? Tunic?? Why or why not?

A: You need to be careful. I’m not going to brag that something is “perfect”, but the pace is what we spend a lot of time thinking about.

I’m not really the biggest puzzle room fan, at least in this kind of game, and at least in the traditional sense. Maybe I’m overly cynical, but frown on the idea that someone would lock out their treasure with a block-pushing puzzle. Don’t get me wrong, I love good Sokoban games, but when I look at what was passed as a security system, it feels like a busy job made for Me The Player, not a plausible part of the world. ..

That doesn’t mean it’s okay to understand Tunic — They just take a different shape.I would rather ask people “wait and how to get it” There?? Or “what is it?” this It was for. “

Q: When can I look forward to playing? Tunic again? Do you have a target release date, or is it a “complete when complete” release?

A: There is no official release date yet. 🙂

Thanks to Andrew Shouldice for taking the time to share these exciting updates about. Tunic.. Stay tuned for the latest news on upcoming titles on Xbox Wire.

Talking Tunic with its Creator Andrew Shouldice

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