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Philadelphia-OK, 2020 NFL regular season finished.Now the real fireworks start Philadelphia Eagles..

This off-season is set to be one of the more important franchises in recent memory.Relationship between Eagles and quarterback Carson Wentz -The center of their universe until a few months ago-has frayed. It leaves a disgruntled franchise quarterback in Philadelphia and earns $ 32 million a year, a promising rookie QB Jalen Hurts He flashed between a four-game audition and a monster decision.

The· Eagles wins 6th overall In 2021 NFL draft Choices need to be nailed in order to rebuild the old and expensive roster. They need a new defense coordinator and perhaps a few new attack coaches.There is a franchise foundation outside of Wentz, including the Super Bowl hero Zack Elts, A person on the way out at first glance.

Breathe deeply and dive.

Will Wentz be traded?

It certainly seems to be heading that way. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen The relationship between Wentz and Doug Pederson has collapsed irreparably And QB plans to request a deal.

The Eagles will try to calm the water in the coming weeks-general managers Howie Roseman and Pederson started it. Process Monday by pumping Wentz And we guarantee that everything will work between the team and QB. That is when there is no other reason than trying to build trade leverage. After giving Wentz a four-year grace period and breaking up with Wentz, the $ 128 million extension in the summer of 2019 will be a record financial headache. Philadelphia will suffer a deadcap hit of nearly $ 35 million by trading as-is.The· The biggest dead cap hit ever In the history of the league Brandin Cooks‘21.8 million dollars Los Angeles Rams..

It is a pill that is very difficult to swallow. However, confidence in Wentz’s organization was broken after ensuring that Hearts’ choice in the second round of April last year should not be a concern. ). The plans that the Eagles devised to bring Wentz back to his old self and back into the QB1 chair are skeptical. The farewell path will now give Wentz the new start he seeks while providing financial relief for the Eagles in the long run.

He needs to attract some suitors-a reunion with Frank-Like is possible in Indianapolis, New England Patriots I’m doing my homework, but the deal needs to be closed soon. The Eagles must close their transactions by the third day of the 2021 league (from March 17th) before the $ 22 million base salary in 2022 is fully guaranteed. And his 2021 roster bonus of $ 10 million will be paid.

Which other Eagles players will move?

The biggest possible starting point outside of Wentz is their outstanding tight end, Elts. Like Wentz, Relationship between Elts and the team The turmoil in contract negotiations made me nervous this past offseason. The quality of the offer left the impression that management was not very sincere in the efforts to maintain him.

He wept on Monday when asked to give Philly a final message if this was the end of the road.

“This city is the best city to play and I couldn’t ask for any more experience,” Erz said. “This city has a lot to do with me, it has a lot to do with my family, and I’m grateful.”

The 30-year-old Elts led the team in catch and receive yards in the last four seasons to 2020, full of featureless injuries. He has a reasonable contract. The average salary is $ 8.5, ranking 10th in the tight end. The acquisition team has a reason. I believe the bounce back season will begin in 21.Eagles wisdom to break up with another core player and locker room leader, like safety Malcolm Jenkins To be seen in front of him, they will get about $ 5 million in cap space.

Center Jason Kerke, 33 have pondered retirement for the past few seasons. When he leaves, they lose some of the rock players and field coaches who have provided some accountability and professionalism.

Wentz, Erz and Kerke returned to the field together long after the match against Washington on Sunday night, had a 30-minute discussion on the bench and then disappeared into the tunnel. The significance of that moment was clear.

The Eagles are projected to exceed the $ 73 million cap in 2021. Roseman needs to revoke some veteran contracts.Wide receiver disconnection Alchon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson And Marquis Goodwin It will give them about $ 17 million and bring them closer to cap compliance.They need to understand what to do Derek Burnett$ 10 million base salary. Jason Peters, Jaylen Mills, Nate Sadfeld, Vinnie Curry, Hassan Ridge Way, Cre’Von Le Blanc And Nickel Roby-Coleman All will be free agents.

Philadelphia rolled the ball on Monday. Malik Jackson Jeffrey agreed to redo the deal, sources told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler to release the cap space in the short term. Their departure is still likely.



Dan Orlovsky explains why Doug Pederson’s decision to bring Nate Sadfeld against Washington was bad for Philadelphia fans and the NFL.

What about Doug Pederson’s staff?

Expect modifications to the attacking side of the ball. As expected, the combined group of Press Taylor, Rich Scangarero, Andrew Breiner and Marty Morninweg was unable to produce a coherent product. Wentz retreated to the point where he was barely recognizable and the attack had no identity. The Eagles will hire an aggressive coordinator after absent from the coordinator this season. Pederson needs to find a credible adjutant like he was in Reich.

Philadelphia is also on the market for defensive coordinators. Jim Schwartz decides to take a year off.. Matt Burke and Marquand Manuel are potential candidates within the company. There are many notable names on the market, such as Gus Bradley, Dan Quinn and Wade Phillips.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The Eagles won the 6th place pick in the NFL Draft. Controversial move to pull Hearts at the season finale against Washington, Put it at the center of action in April of this year. They wouldn’t be attracted to choosing quarterbacks to compete with Hearts … do they do? Or how about creating a draft of Alabama to finally solve the wide receiver problem? Devonta Smith Or of LSU Ja’Marr Chase??

And while Roseman is safe, there should be some movement in the front office. John Dorsey is a consultant and can play a full-time role.

Oh yeah, it’s going to be a pretty wild off-season in Philadelphia. Fasten your seat belt.

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Spectacular Philadelphia Eagles Off-Season in Carson Wentz Drama Headlines-Philadelphia Eagles Blog Spectacular Philadelphia Eagles Off-Season in Carson Wentz Drama Headlines-Philadelphia Eagles Blog

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