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Speed ​​violations are the best violations during a safe driver week

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Law enforcement officers in the United States, Canada and Mexico have suspended 46,058 passenger and commercial vehicle drivers engaged in dangerous driving behavior during the Operation Safe Driver Week Safety Initiative of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

From July 11th to 17th, officers towed 28,148 commercial vehicles and 17,910 passenger cars, issuing 10,486 warnings and 16,863 citations.

According to the CVSA’s announcement on October 7, the top number of citations issued in this year’s operation was speeding, focusing on a week-long presence of law enforcement agencies.

There were 9,349 citations and 2,929 warnings for speed-related violations for passenger car drivers, and 1,690 speed-related citations and 2,549 warnings for commercial vehicle drivers.

The top five citations issued to commercial vehicle drivers included speeding violations (1,690). Failure to fasten seat belts (1,225); did not follow traffic control equipment (522); text messages by mobile phone (344) and improper lane change (112).

The top five citations for passenger car drivers were speed violations (9,349). Failure to fasten seat belts (1,355); Inattentive driving using a handheld phone (573). Possession / use / drunk driving of alcohol or drugs (428) and non-compliance with traffic control equipment (336).

“Most crashes are known to be caused by the driver, so the best way to prevent a crash is to start with the driver that is causing it,” said Captain John Blowers of the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

The Federal Automobile Carrier Safety Administration also participated in this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week event. According to the CVSA, the agency conducted a survey event for car carriers with a history of collisions and unsafe driving behavior, in parallel with safe driver roadside activities.

The FMCSA research event was held from June 7th to July 16th and was attended by all departments. The agency prioritized medium-risk and high-risk carriers for remote on-site and off-site investigations.

During surgery, FMCSA field staff completed a survey of 90 high-risk and 201 medium-risk carriers, resulting in 64 conditional and 30 unsatisfactory assessments.

According to the National Road Safety Authority, 94% of car accidents are caused by drivers. Also, a passenger car colliding with a large commercial vehicle can have catastrophic consequences. The majority of deaths from heavy truck collisions are passenger car occupants (71%), followed by truck occupants (18%).

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Speed ​​violations are the best violations during a safe driver week Speed ​​violations are the best violations during a safe driver week

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