Spellbreak reminds us of new content in Chapter 1: Spellstorm Updates

With the arrival of free updates for the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Spellbreak’s magical battle royale antique has been modified.Chapter 1: Spellstorm not only adds story-driven content, but also marks the official launch of a multiplayer action spellcasting game vapor..

Proletariat indie developers want to unravel the mystery of the first chapter, The Spellstorm. It’s been part of Spellbreak today for a total of 12 weeks. In Chapter 1, it is said that Hollow Lands are in a constantly changing state of ruins, thanks to Fracture and the resulting Spellstorm. In the fight against time, the Knights of Vowbreakers are looking for valuable artifacts that can hold the secret to pushing the spellstorm back and reclaim the hollow lands. However, these artifacts are contested prizes, and enemy Vowbreakers are also fighting for their evil hands.

Take an active part in this power struggle and create a truly unique action and story-driven experience through a 12-week free story-driven quest designed to weave into Spellbreak’s core gameplay. As you progress through this story, prepare to meet three new NPC characters and watch the game world change weekly.

“Chapter 1: Spell Storm is the starting point for a truly innovative Battle Royale experience that blends storytelling with gameplay.” Seth Shibak, CEO of Proletariat, said. “Players will not only have a fun way to experience the world of spellbreaks more, but they will also have compelling content for weeks with some great rewards.”

In addition, the new Dead Moss is ready to be explored, as Bogmore Castle and its surroundings have been completely overhauled with a significantly improved environment and points of interest. Chapter 1: Spellstorm also features an enhanced chapter progression system, including new cosmetic items and reputation bonuses with 50 levels of rewards, gold and more.

given that Spellbreak Is free to play. There is nothing in the battle royale genre that prevents you from participating in innovative spins. If you’re already a regular spellcaster, download the update!

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