Spellbreaks arrive on Steam when the first chapter begins

Spellbreak, a wizard-based battle royale game where competitors throw powerful spell combos at each other while flying around like an anime hero, is finally here on Steam. Steam will be launched at the same time as the kick-off of the first chapter of Spellbreak, a season-type event called The Spellstorm.

Spellbreak Chapter 1: Spellstorm covers 12 weeks and introduces new story content to free PC games. Players may investigate the triangular “spell storm lifts” that have emerged on the battlefield and use them to their advantage during the fierce magical battles known to the game.

As you can see in the trailer below, Spellbreak heroes are responsible for stopping the Spellstorm phenomenon, some of which include the completion of new story quests. Players help the pledgee’s order and seek new sources of cosmic power. Not surprisingly, you can expect a lot of new seasonal cosmetics to be chased and collected. You can also see that Bogmore Castle and the surrounding area have been completely reviewed. In other words, you can discover new art and new points of interest. Get out with the enemy wizard.

The trailer is as follows:

Of course, Spellbreak is completely cross-platform, so you can log in to the same Spellbreak account on your PC via the Epic Games Store or Steam, or via Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

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