Spelunky2 Online Multiplayer on PC

Spelunky 2 has added online multiplayer today, so grab your buddies and get ready to explode towards the moon. The murderous arena mode has not yet been activated, but four players can collaborate online to plunder the treasure of the moon. Technically online is currently in “public beta” so don’t expect perfection, but you can play it! Eventually, you will be able to play with people on PlayStation 4.

Online multiplayer was a PS4 version of Spellunky 2 at launch, but it was quirky enough that developers decided to postpone it when the game appeared on the PC a few weeks later. This feature was quietly released on Steam yesterday and had a small bug where the invitation was broken, but that’s okay. It is currently being fixed. Enough for developers to officially announce the introduction of online multiplayer.

“What’s next? Work to fix bugs in online multiplayer and resolve some of the unique design issues that have arisen will continue for the rest of this year and until next year (hence this” Why do you call it “public beta”? It’s possible to play the entire game online). “

One of the big features planned for the first half of 2021 is cross-platform play with the PlayStation 4 version. After that, cross-play will start and we plan to add an online arena, saying “all the basic features of online multiplayer are very stable”. Other plans include new ways to add servers to the four corners of our flat planet to improve quality of life and invite people (“Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, etc.”). ..

Multiplayer Spelunky has historically been able to be strange and wonderful. If you are still digging deep into that mystery, having a companion around can be very helpful and comforting. Once you’ve mastered it enough to run small models of all levels in your head, after understanding the game yourself, adapt to the turmoil of others and enjoy doing whatever they want to do. .. Either way, it’s laughter.

If you want to rock it solo, why not take a look at the Twitter bot that dares to challenge and confuse Spelunky? Or, as a counterproductive effect, playing the same seed run multiple times makes Spelunky a completely different game.

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Spelunky 2 now has online multiplayer on PC

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