Spider-Man 3: How Ned Becomes a Hobgoblin

There are increasing signs that Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) will become a hobgoblin for the MCU Spider-Man: No Way Home And how this can happen. On the MCU, Ned has been portrayed as Tom Holland’s Peter Parker’s best friend and high school classmate. On the other hand, his comic book partner had a much different inside story. Journalist Betty Brant’s husband, Ned, was at some point revealed to be a malicious hobgoblin, a prominent figure in Spider-Man’s villainous gallery.

The MCU has made numerous important changes to Nedleys. Spider-Man: Homecoming In the end, the character using the Hobgoblin costume felt like an unlikely result. But it no longer looks like such a stretch.quick Viral marketing Spider-Man: No Way Home Included images of Ned’s artwork and comic orange hobgoblin caps. This can make fun of what’s happening to the characters in the movie. In addition, Jacob Batalon lost considerable weight due to its role, creating further speculation that Ned would look good on a hobgoblin.

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There is also the issue of the Multiverse and how it is implemented in the film. It has been clear for some time that the parallel universe will be central. Spider-Man Norway Home..The first full trailer of the movie confirmed that and multiple characters were tied together in the past Spiderman A franchise returning to fight Spider-Man on the MCU. Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Alfred Molina’s Dr. Octopus, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, etc. are all expected to come back, despite the fact that they don’t all come from the same movie world. I am.Marvel is a Sam Raimi trilogy Amazing spider man By making the movie a separate universe within a larger multiverse, it becomes an MCU canon. The idea that an infinite number of parallel universes can exist makes it a realistic possibility to use Nedleys as a hobgoblin. There are several ways Marvel can use the Multiverse to explain Ned’s Hobgoblin transformation.

Ned Leeds can steal Green Goblin gear and formulas

Spider-Man comic hobgoblin

In Marvel Comics, the Hobgoblin is directly linked to the legacy of Spider-Man’s greatest enemy, the Green Goblin.Former Hobgoblin Roderick Kingsley gets his weapons and equipment from a secret hideout Norman Osborn, the villain who died at the time..Instead of completely separating the character and letting the Hobgoblins create their own weapons, Marvel can take over the connection as follows: Spider-Man 3. If so, it could be it in one of Spiderman 3 Ned, a parallel universe, is a criminal who comes across a cash of Green Goblin weapons. He was then able to put on a new outfit and start a crime with an Osborne goblin rider and a bomb. Like Roderick Kingsley, he got the same formula that strengthened Osborne’s stamina and was able to use it himself.

Ned can be driven crazy, and as a result he becomes a dangerous enemy of Spider-Man in space. It’s even possible that his rival is another iteration of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.However, this storyline may feel like you’re in a hurry, as many characters already exist. Spider-Man: No Way Home.. Ned Leeds’ transformation into a hobgoblin already has too many subplots in one, but to introduce an alternative reality version of Ned, the movie spends more runtime on his backstory from another universe, or You need to fully understand his multifaceted origin.

Ned Leeds becomes a hobgoblin to help Spider-Man

Ned doesn’t have to start as evil to become a hobgoblin. After all, Ned wasn’t a true villain in the comics either. Somewhere in the Multiverse, there may be a universe that has many similarities to the MCU in that Ned is Peter’s best friend and his most trusted person. He may also know that Peter and Spider-Man are the same. Depending on the level of scientific knowledge and resources, Ned was able to gain access to Vulture’s recovered alien technology and create goblin riders with the intention of becoming Spider-Man’s ally. He may have planned to be a hero, but the tragic events of his life could take him on the path to becoming a villain.

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He can also have a grudge against Spider-Man. That’s what happened before.In that case, the incident in the Multiverse movie Spiderman letter Collide. Depending on how the story unfolds, it can also occur on the Ned of the MCU. However, this scenario is too similar to what happened at Harry Osborn in Dane DeHaan. Amazing Spider-Man 2Stealing Oscope’s laboratory equipment and serum, he became a Green Goblin before his father did so.Therefore, the MCU of the Green Goblin Amazing Spider-Man 2 It was accepted by the audience.

Ned Leeds can be brainwashed and become a hobgoblin

Perhaps the best (and most sensible) approach Marvel takes is to simply adapt Marvel’s story of Ned Leeds’ Hobgoblin in the 1980s.In the comics, Ned was a good man Peter trusted, but his life deteriorated when he discovered a hideout. The real villain Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley.Kingsley needed someone to fall because of his crime, captured Ned and brainwashed him to think he It was a hobgoblin. The plan was initially effective for Kingsley, who categorically claimed that his secret identity remained hidden from the world. Even Spider-Man was deceived by King Three’s lies and collapsed. A problem arose when Ned’s brainwashing made him mentally unstable. His marriage collapsed and his life collapsed. Feeling Ned was responsible, Kingsley eliminated him by an assassin. It was only a few years later that Spider-Man discovered that Ned was surrounded by Kingsley, and he was not a hobgoblin.

Ned Leeds had a similar experience. He could be kidnapped and brainwashed by Roderick Kingsley, a new version of the Green Goblin MCU. Unlike the comic book Ned Leeds, the mental conditioning he endured could shape him into a useful pawn of a much greater threat. This makes Ned’s Hobgoblin a sympathetic and misunderstood villain who was forced to fight Spider-Man, and perhaps Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). However, the problem with this scenario is that the MCU does not yet have Green Goblin technology, as Norman Osborne has not yet been introduced into the MCU’s main reality. Therefore, it would be Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn who could kidnap and brainwash Ned Leeds.Given how Norman refused to let go of his Green Goblin persona at the end of 2002, that could make a lot of sense. Spider-Man. Without knowing that Harry had a mantle after his death, Norman Osborne was able to emotionally manipulate Tom Holland’s Spider-Man by creating a new Green Goblin.

Ned Leeds’ cartoon version and MCU characters are both good people in nature, so Spider-Man: No Way Home Theoretically, instead of pulling one out of the Multiverse, you can use the same storyline as Ned’s cartoons that viewers are already familiar with. This option involves brainwashing, so it does not conflict with his personality development. There are other issues with Marvel taking this route, but the biggest issue is the risk of ruining Ned as a character.Marvel’s work with Ned in the comics was arguably one of the most tragic goals Marvel has ever given. this is Spiderman letter, Mainly due to the fact that Ned’s life was ruined. He died without believing in his innocence. It would be a shame if Marvel provided such a fun character with a similar sad ending.That’s why it’s better for Ned’s rumored Hobgoblin Ark Spider-Man: No Way Home To be an exciting one-off story set in another timeline.

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