Spider-Man Miles Morales features include a wide range of accessibility options

Insomniac Games has released the following list of accessibility features: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesIncludes, Chase Assist option, QTE autocomplete, and the ability to launch up to 3 webs at the same time.

Here is a complete list of features:

  • QTE AutoComplete – Auto-advance all QTE sequences without pressing a button
  • Change button tap to hold
  • Web Shooter Burst – Allows you to launch up to 3 webs at once
  • Swing / Parkour Mode – Set swing and parkour to toggle or button hold
  • Chase Assist – The maximum movement speed of the chase target is reduced, which increases the window for the target to escape. If it is within range, it will automatically attach to the chase target.Push [R3] Automatically point the camera at the chase target
  • Poison Mode – Set Poison Activation to Toggle or Button Hold
  • Enhanced Auto Aiming – Snap to target more easily in aiming mode
  • Dodge window increase – Dodge window time increases
  • Controller Remapping – Fully customize the control scheme or choose from presets.You can individually map up to two inputs (the default crosshair left and right) to movements that would normally require pressing multiple buttons.
  • Explicit puzzle tips – Enable explicit puzzle tips in the puzzle segment
  • Accessibility Vibrations – Enable additional vibrations to assist with auditory and visual gameplay elements
  • Flip the camera upside down.Flip the camera left and right
  • Adaptive Trigger (PS5) – When enabled, [R2] And [L2] Button to dynamically change resistance during traversal action
  • Camera Follow-Automatically rotate the camera behind Spider-Man during the swing
  • Combat Camera – Automatically rotate the camera to maintain enemy visibility
  • View Waypoints – Automatically Point the Camera to the Waypoints You Want
  • Control Tips – Control hints appear in the lower left corner of the HUD
  • Minimap – Shows a minimap in the lower right corner of the HUD
  • Crime Notifications – Show crime notifications to the right of the HUD
  • UI Parallax – When turned off, the HUD and Pause menu elements stay in place on the screen
  • Icon and Prompt Size – Set the size of waypoints, icons, and prompts within a word
  • HUD Background – Enables a HUD contrasting background
  • Subtitles – Show subtitles for voice interaction
  • Subtitle Size – Adjust the size of the subtitles
  • Subtitle Background – Enable Subtitle Background for better readability
  • Subtitle Color – Sets the color of the subtitle text
  • Subtitle Speaker Color – Set the color of the subtitle speaker name
  • English VO – Use English dialog audio instead of system language if the system language is set to a language supported by the SKU
  • Controller Speakers – Allows certain sounds to be played from controller speakers
  • Narrated ASL – Enables narration for subtitled American Sign Language lines
  • JJJ Podcast – Plays JJJ Podcast automatically
  • Danika Podcast – Plays Danika Podcast automatically
  • HDR – Enables high dynamic range.Only available on compatible TVs
  • High Visibility Spider Sense – Enables high contrast spider sense effect
  • Contrast Options – Enable different shaders and high contrast options for better visibility. Use presets or customize each setting individually.Including single colors such as hero, ally, enemy, etc.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales It will be released on November 12th.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Accessibility Features Include Visibility Options and Narrated ASL

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