Spider-Man’s web sling looks like an explosion in Chapter 3 of Fortnite

world of Fortnite It continues to develop at a dizzying pace. Now, when the next big influx of new gameplay arrives through Chapter 3, the game takes another step towards becoming a true Metaverse monster. This update includes a brand new map and dangerous new weather disasters like tornadoes. Spider-Man just joined the game and soon Fortnite Bring the hero’s web sling antique to the cast of that huge fighter.

Yes, it is. As of December 11th, you will be able to shoot and pass through spider webs. Fortnite Map — and you don’t have to be wearing a Spider-Man suit to do that. The new mechanic is technically an item you can use. This means that all characters, including Naruto and Ariana Grande, can find and use this item. Twitter user Yassin I shared the video A mechanic in action via YouTuber Kanga

Apparently, there are enough landmarks to grab and move around the map. The new update provides map locations inspired by Spider-Man with landmarks like the Daily Bugle. The web allows you to fly over vast areas, which can make a big difference in how you navigate the map. In addition to the traditional web shooter that can grab the building Web surfing Tow the street by shooting and latching the car. looks fun!

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