Spike Chunsoft has a mysterious new ARG website … is it about Zero Escape?

Please calm down, everyone. But Spike Chunsoft, the maker of the amazing Zero Escape series, the excellent Danganronpa series, and many other visual novels and story adventures, is making fun of something new.

This website has nine eyes, each with a puzzle. Click each puzzle to enter the answer in one-letter or several-letter format. This will eventually display the password you need to enter at the bottom of the page.

No matter what it is, it will probably be exciting … but there are clues that fans have already found about what it is.


“Popular theory” Read tweets from “batts” whose handle is @somniumfiles, “Is it a sequel to AI: TSF? The mysterious puzzle-style announcement is very important for Kotaro Uchikoshi’s brand, and assistant director Akira Okada tweeted about it!” AI: TSF is AI: This is Somnium Files. This is a game about a detective work directed by two prominent Zero Escape games.

Others have different theories, like the fact Mobile site icon is clover From 999: 9 hours, 9 people, 9 doors, 9 eyes, these types of puzzles are very similar to those found in Zero Escape games.

At Reddit, fans are guessing what that means Both The game is put together with a focus on Uchikoshimachi. Still, our beating heart.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle and found the password, you can put it in the box at the bottom and get a skull with some numbers in your eyes. At the time of writing, the numbers were ticking from 2300: 12. This will be reset when you refresh the page. But 2,300 minutes is about 38 hours from now — can we see the new Spike Chunsoft announcement within a week?

I have this SC video too, but I don’t know much except that SKULLS is somehow important. Wait — Skull, do you say? The hero of the final reward of virtue did not have a skull …?

Hope to come back soon with more information about what this game is.

In the comments below, tell us your wisest theory and Tin Foil Hat’s plot as well!

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