Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition PS5 Review

As mentioned in the original review, Spirit of the North is a gorgeous game that offers a fantastic version of the mysterious Iceland. This PS5 remaster remasters visually striking landscapes and landscapes, tweaking and tweaking what was already an impressive game to make it truly eye candy. Spirit of the North is really remarkable, but you can’t make any other substantive changes to a game that isn’t that old in the first place.

Immediately after leaving the gate, it is difficult to underestimate how impressive the spirit of the North is. The first introduction to playing as a red fox is a master class of minimalism. As a fox, there are no speeches or disturbing text boxes telling you where to go or what to do. Instead, Spirit of the North prefers to show rather than tell, and the fact that it’s a beautiful game only helps. It snows on the white peaks. Ice shines when it reflects light. What impressed me most was the fox’s hair, with its fur tingling and blowing in the breeze.

Personally, none of these aspects are unusual, but the Spirit of the North is definitely the sum of those parts. The combination of these features will make you want to actually create, be drawn in and actively explore a world with an immersive atmosphere. This is furthered by the PS5’s graphics prowess, and the fix that the game had a year ago really shines in the remaster.

For now, the gameplay remains the same. Trekking the landscape and moving from stone monolith to stone, the Spirit of the North does the solid job of drip-feeding new gameplay elements and mechanics used and used to solve a variety of environmental puzzles. To do. When I played the original release, I didn’t see much change in what happened here, and unfortunately, I found that DualSense wasn’t being criminally underutilized.

To be fair to the Spirit of the North, I just played the impressive AstroBot. It really shows the functionality of the DualSense, so when I saw it underutilized here, I felt like I missed an opportunity. It’s light and light while using the vibration feature, so I suspected I accidentally turned it off for the first 30 minutes. As a result, Spirit of the North becomes more noticeable when it takes advantage of the various features provided by DualSense. Not because it was used well, but because it was used purely.

As a quick and easy upgrade, Spirit of the North focuses only on the graphic benefits PS5 offers: landscape, lighting and texture enlargement. For new players looking for gorgeous environmental puzzles, Spirit of the North is still a great entry in this genre and tells a satisfying story without appearing in your face. Repeaters may be a little confused by what the Spirit of the North Enhanced Edition offers. Especially because it’s only over a year old. If you missed it last year, it’s definitely worth a look, but if you’re not an avid fan of catching it first, it might be worth putting your money on something else Hmm.

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