Spirit of the North heads to Xbox Series X | S in early 2021

Publisher Merge Games has announced that it will bring third-person adventures Northern spirit The game will be heading to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles in the New Year, so it will be the first time to move to the Xbox console.

Released earlier this year for PC and Nintendo Switch, the game is set in the landscape of Iceland and eventually acts as a normal fox who meets and adventures the Guardian of the Northern Lights. Conveniently, they themselves are Spirit Fox. Knowing more about the lost civilization promises “superb 4K landscapes” and environmental puzzles that use the power given by Spirit Fox. The game also boasts a “moving orchestra soundtrack” with 14 original songs.

You can check the trailer for the PlayStation 5 release (currently being released) below.Marge Games promises to share more information about a particular release date Northern spirit In the New Year’s Xbox Series X | S.

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