Spiritfarer: 3 free updates with 4 new adorable spirits arriving in 2021

Thunder Lotus Games has released the 2021 Spiritfarer development roadmap. It includes 3 free updates, 4 new adorable spirits and more. As detailed on the ThunderLotus blog, the first of the three updates is called Lily and will arrive in the spring. 2021.

This update improves quality of life and improves the co-operation system with a whole new UI and co-op fishing. Stella is also getting a little more story content.“As Stella gets used to the work of Spirit Farling, she begins to reveal some of her memory, which is beginning to bloom as a mysterious flower on her cabin,” the blog reads. I will. “These flowers house roosting butterflies to form our new spiritual friends: Lily, Stella’s sister.”

Obviously the new spirit of this update, Lily, is the only spirit that works at night. “Here she illuminates the night and allows her to navigate the boat even in the dark, as she was a brilliant figure in her sister’s life.”

The Beverly Update, released in the summer of 2021, adds new boat buildings, collectibles, recipes, and quality of life improvements. Beverly is a new spirit and Stella’s old neighbor. She feels lonely and is happy to finally have someone to talk about her past.

The new station introduced is called the Archive Room, and players can inspect a new type of collection called the Acetate Sheet.

The final update for 2021 is called the Jackie & Daria Update and will be released in the fall. This update includes new islands to explore, new boat buildings and resources, and new events.

The new island has a devastated hospital and two new spirits. The spirits are overworked caretakers named Jackie and their patient Dalia. Stella is willing to help and help both.

We called Spiritfarer the best adventure / puzzle game of 2020. In a Spirtfarer review, “It’s a gorgeous mix of action platformers and animal crossing-style town managers that stands out as one of the most unique and fun. A game I’ve played all year round.”

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