Spiritfarer DLC trailer introduces the last two new characters

Spiritfarer developer Thunder Lotus Games has announced the December 13th release date of the final DLC, including a trailer detailing the new character.

Spirit Farrer Developer Thunder Lotus Games has announced the biggest update at the end of the game. It will be released on December 13th on all platforms.Afterlife management sim with gameplay that emotionally resonates with its unique art style Spirit Farrer Attracted a lot of attention After being released in 2020, it was considered by many to be one of the best indie games of the year. Since then, developers have continued to create game content, which is the third major update of the game in 2021.

Spirit Farrer Is the usual formula for managed simulation games with a unique twist. The main character of the game, Stella, is the captain of the ferry boat to the deceased and is responsible for meeting the needs of the spirits and supporting the transition to the afterlife. To help these spirits cross, players need to contain and feed collectable resources while learning about the spirits’ lives. February 2021, Thunder Lotus Announces Update Roadmap They will release during the year that will add new spirits, places, stories, etc. to the game at no additional cost to the player. Two of these DLCs (Lily and Beverly updates) were released earlier this year to greatly please fans.

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Thunder Lotus Game We shared the trailer for the third DLC on this week’s blog and announced that the final update to the game will be released on December 13th. This latest DLC will bring players to know two new spirits, in addition to new island locations, new boat buildings and resources to collect, and new events that players can experience. The DLC will show you the location of the devastated hospital where Jackie (caretaker) and his patient Daria live.These new characters will be of the same kind Depth as other spirits Spirit Farrer, There is a lot to learn about them before entering the afterlife. In the trailer for the update, the hospital appears to have been restored from its dilapidated state with the help of Stella. This is a task that seems to be one of the major new goals introduced in the update.

This update provides the latest content compared to other content. The previous two updates to the game each contained only one new spirit, but this update includes two.Moreover, this is the first Spirit Farrer DLC including new islands as well as islands that require rehabilitation. Repairing a devastated hospital is definitely not an easy task for players, and this update should bring hours of content to the game when paired with new characters that players need to know to assist in transit.

Adding just two characters may seem modest, but fans of the series have experienced that even adding one character-like. Lily from the beginning Spirit Farrer Download contents -You can add a lot of depth to the game. Spirit Farrer You can always create a very addictive and entertaining task loop with management sims, while being a game where you can gently explore dark topics like death with tact and heart. We’ve paid close attention to this final update, and this DLC should delight fans and leave them wondering what Thunder Lotus will do next.

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Spiritfarer DLC trailer introduces the last two new characters

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