Spiritfarer has a new Spiritfarer in 2021

Spiritfarer, a cozy game about death, got three free updates in 2021. The update will land in spring, summer and fall, adding new spirits, stories and new buildings, as described in the development roadmap shared by the team. And location. Check out cute like the new spirits below.

Let’s focus on the character needs that are the driving force behind everything you do in Spiritfarer. Or, in fact, let’s focus on Lily:

“As Stella gets used to the work of Spirit Farling, she begins to reveal some of her memory, which is beginning to bloom as a mysterious flower on her cabin,” the updated article says. .. “These flowers house roosting butterflies to form our new spiritual friends: Lily, Stella’s sister.”

Lily will be added to the game in a spring update, along with enhancements to the game’s co-op. The summer update adds Beverly, the owl of the fetching scarf, and the autumn update adds two spirits, Jackie and Dalia, who meet on a new island that “has a devastated hospital.” They are the caretaker and the patient, respectively.

Spiritfarer is one of our favorite games since 2020, and Alice wrote in a review of Spiritfarer: “Ultimately, everything in Spiritfarer is … measured, well thought out, detailed and kind. From above. There’s an intention down to the bottom. Even the weather feels like it has an intention, a day-night cycle, a routine you enter. They’re the way your friends leave you, and sometimes they surprise you. Spiritfarer Probably makes you very sad, but it’s a kind way. ”

Each update planned for 2021 sounds pretty good, but there are plenty of sets available for free. Another kindness, probably.

You can now get 25% off Spiritfarer on the Steam Lunar Calendar Sale.

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