Splatoon 3 “Researcher” Bastrad moves during Nintendo Direct

To be honest, this is why I love it Splatoon 3 Developer. Can you do this?
GIF: Nintendo / Kotaku

From time to time, during these amazing Nintendo Direct presentations, developers will just do terrible things. For this Splatoon 3 The unconventional “squid researcher” of Studio Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development (Nintendo EDP) fascinated us with both the latest research results and his impressive ability to balance on one foot.

So look at the GIF above. This 5 seconds of pure athletic gold Splatoon 3 Segment inside Today’s Nintendo Direct Showcase.. Did the non-Hisashi Nogami researcher of the series creator have the opportunity to prove that Pilates and Yoga improve your balance, perhaps by making three in his body? Selling the game is definitely an option, but I’m definitely here.

In fact, the pose was so impressive to me that I tried to hold it for as long as possible. My balance is pretty solid, but mainly because of decades of skateboarding, as long as the respected squid researchers do, I can suppress this strange distortion. I could not do it.

Hisashi Nogami, a Splatoon creator and producer who promotes Splatoon 2 by hand.

Yeah, except when my team loses, I do.Then i’m not having fun Splatoon 2.
screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

This was not the first time that Mr. Nogami, a researcher, used his body to market. Splatoon, Also. Before and after launch in 2017 Splatoon 2, Researchers Capture with video Use his hand to make the number “2” in the air.And whatever this pose is, Know Your Meme Tap the squid:

Interesting poses aside, today Splatoon 3 The announcement included a set of new information about the following third-person team-based shooters: Players can check out new weapons (such as bows), customize squid kids in more styles, customize transforming pilot ball-shaped mechas, and offer more flavors in the series. You can participate in a single-player story with an enhanced look that you want. Strangely dark folklore.

Nintendo Direct’s live stream contains many other publications. Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games Come to Nintendo Switch Online Service next month, take a look Next Kirby game, And the adorable announcement, Mario Kart-Like a racer Chocobo GP..Please check The biggest news here!!

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