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Hey PlayStation Nation! I’m Ian, the creator of the game Splitgate and the CEO of 1047 Games.

Last month, Splitgate launched an open beta. This is usually a benign testing phase where developers receive feedback and make some minor finishes before the official release. But our open beta wasn’t typical.

If you’re not sure what happened, simply put, Splitgate basically exploded (in a good way) and the server couldn’t keep up with demand. Over the course of a month, the server has grown from supporting 4,000 players at a time to supporting 175,000 players. Overall, our server had some growth pain, so we needed to implement a short-term solution to prevent backend crashes.

Due to a complete change in the original plan, we decided to postpone the official release to extend the beta to allow players to continue working on the server while providing new content.

Next Phase of Split Gate Beta – Season 0

Starting today, Season 0 will give players the exact same content they originally intended for the official release, but still call it beta. Here’s what you can expect from today’s update:

  • New map: Kalman station
  • Season 0 Battle Pass – 100 Level Limited Item
  • Challenges across seasons
  • New mode: Contamination
  • New weapon skins, armor sets, emotes

In my opinion, the new map, Karman Station, is the most beautiful map I have ever created. This definitely needs to be checked out first when loading the game after the update.

The Season 0 Battle Pass has some of the best items I’ve ever made. Readers of the PlayStation Blog will be able to see the Battle Pass first.

Another addition that we are really happy with is the pollution mode. Many players are demanding it, and we are proud to hear suggestions from the community. Pollution is the first “asymmetric” game mode in which both teams are not equal to each other. When a contaminated team gets the flag on a regular team, the player respawns and becomes a member of the contaminated team. We are really excited to see the community’s reaction to it.

How did we get here?

Now it’s officially released, with a series of updates, a solid player base of thousands, and I expected it to grow steadily. There were other plans for fate. Splitgate has recently hit more than 10 million downloads and 175,000 simultaneous players in beta testing alone, so it stays in beta until it’s ready. This made us think, why did the split gate explode like this?

We were always optimistic that our game would eventually catch up, but no one expected the level of explosive growth we received so quickly. One of the theories we have is that Splitgate fills in the blanks that players didn’t know they had.

The battle royale genre has dominated shooters since 2017. For many, this was the refreshing experience gamers were looking for. This may sound ambitious, but it hopes Splitgate can replicate on the basis of arena shooters.

I’ve heard many people on social media claim that they have nothing to play with. Obviously, there are many games to play. What they really want to say is, “Nothing else feels fresh and new.”

So how can the arena shooter Splitgate deviate from the battle royale style and find a growing player base? The simple answer is its interesting portal mechanism. Players who have the game will soon notice that portal mechanics are literally adding a whole new dimension to the FPS genre.

The portal is a very rewarding game mechanics once you understand it.

Another hypothesis as to why Splitgate has become so popular is simply its unique and fun gameplay loop. Players are already familiar with the shooting mechanics, but when combined with the portal, it’s a whole new experience. Here are some examples.

Do a simple shootout. The idea of ​​”who sees who first” and “who has better goals” is upset in my head. For example, players can use the portal instead to flanking enemies from behind.

The portal changes the way mundane actions occur, such as navigating within a map. After releasing it on PC, one of the players discovered a movement technique called “Triple Portal” that allowed the player to quickly rotate around the level.

Shooting enemies through the portal, playing keepaway with purpose, and inventing hilarious mini-games in custom lobbies are just some of the reasons portals bring players back to more people.

This is just the beginning

As we grow our development team with 1047 Games, we’ll be adding more and more features. We are planning more customizations, map editors, new weapons, new maps and more. In the near future, PlayStation fans can also expect updates to game enhancements for PS4 Pro and PS5.

It’s been a pretty journey for us, so we’re very humble to all the attention and excitement around the game. Enjoy Splitgate when Season 0 is released today.

See you at the arena.

Season 0 of the Splitgate beta starts today

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