Splitgate: Portal to the future

Answer Hello Xbox Nation.I’m Ian Proulx, the creator of Split gate Co-founder of the 1047 game. If you’ve heard of our game, it was probably around July or August, the beginning of our open beta. At that time, I was overwhelmed by many new players who wanted to play the game. Since then, we’ve managed the server situation well and players are enjoying a much more stable experience.But instead of rehashing the past, let’s talk about what many are convinced they are wondering about. Split gate, The future!

Since arriving at the console and receiving a lot of money from the 1047 Games studio, many have asked: Split gate?? I can give you a list of features I would like to add or are growing fast, but let me show you my vision first. Split gate Since the start.

Many players explain Split gate As inspired by games like Hello When Portal.. This is no coincidence!I grew up playing a lot Halo 2 When Halo 3 And I was completely fascinated by their candid and sophisticated gameplay. It’s all up to you to succeed, and the reward of crushing is that you’re better as a player. There was nothing between you and the gameplay. This, combined with the portal’s migration mechanism, constitutes the DNA of. Split gate.. In other words, this game embodies a lot of things that make arena shooters so much fun.

Split gate I’m on the same platform that brought me Hello It’s pretty surreal.But when comparing the two games, many people say we Hello.. This couldn’t be far from the truth. In fact, as a Halo fan, we are very excited about what. Halo Infinite Bring it to the arena shooting space! Split gate It’s been and will always be about regaining what we loved about FPS games as a kid. Players who have flagged out in the field of Splitgate have also discovered or rediscovered the simple enjoyment of playing simple, optimized games. Perhaps something that some have forgotten.

But just because we’re influenced by the “glory days” of the game doesn’t mean we can’t / shouldn’t continue to grow and innovate. We are here for long distances. In short, the pipeline offers many exciting features. In fact, now we have our first holiday event update: Spookygate! From menus to new skins to one of the maps, the stadium, everything is treated for Halloween. This event includes a Halloween Challenge that includes weapon skins submitted by the community that can be unlocked until November 1st, when Spookygate ends.

This update is just one of the things we can expect from our young game studios in the future. Of course, I’m planning to do something for the holiday season this winter, but beyond that, Split gate You’ll get many of the exciting features that Xbox players have been waiting for for a while. One of the features we’ve already started is the map editor. Imagine playing a version of Karman Station where the walls of the portal are floating in a space with a snipeable building. Or think of a simulation map that can portal all walls. I’m looking forward to what you can think of when this feature is finally released!

Split gate

Another long-awaited feature should be the Xbox Series X | S version Split gate.. I’m not ready to share the exact details of what this version brings, but if you’re familiar with titles across other generations, it should give you a good idea. By the way, if you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you will be able to use the XTREME Benefits Pack until November 30th as part of your benefits.

Expect again Split gate We plan to introduce some folklore in the future. We always get comments from players who are wondering about stories, lore, or some kind of single player mode. I still don’t know when and how to publish the world of Splitgate, but I can’t wait to share it with the world. Stay tuned for now.

Oh yeah, and Split gate free! Download now and check out the Halloween updates. Other developers and I play games often, so pay attention to the “Developer” tag and feel free to yell at us.

See you at the arena!

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Splitgate is a free, fast-paced, fast-paced multiplayer shooter with a player-controlled portal. This sci-fi shooter takes the FPS genre to a new level with a portal mechanism and enables high-flying multidimensional combat. Recalling the memory of the most respected shooter of the last two decades, the Split Gate incorporates the classic and familiar feel of close combat with a unique twist. IGN describes Splitgate as “Halomeets Portal”. Portal Combat: Rotate a new kind of shooter head and use Portal Combat to fly in the air, move sides, flag, and experience intense traverse actions to keep your enemies skillful at all times. Manipulate. It’s just like landing an unscoped headshot from behind after drawing a circle around a confused enemy. The enemy still thinks you are standing in front of him! In addition to a comprehensive and feature-packed multiplayer experience with free grindable challenges, dozens of customizable characters, a competitive leaderboard and ranking system, and over 15 casual and competitive game modes, Splitgate offers over 20 maps, each with its own settings and play style. The map includes research facilities within an active volcano, luxury underwater hotels, and alien crash sites. Each map has its own look and feel and is played differently. Reward players by adapting tactics in fast-paced portal combat offered exclusively by Splitgate. And it’s free. Party with friends on multiple platforms The cross-play feature allows you to play and play against your friends on multiple consoles and PCs. With standard FPS controls and an intuitive portal mechanism, beginners are up and running. In competitive casual mode, you can party with friends of all skill levels. You can also use modifiers to create custom lobbies and play them as you like. Bighead mode with low gravity and unlimited ammo is highly recommended!

Splitgate: Portals to the Future

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