[SPOILERS] Confirmed in cameo after Eternals credit

Eternals It was already a very hyped movie, but the excitement is about to hit the pitch of enthusiasm. The world premiere took place last night in Hollywood and included an incredibly sounding post-credits scene. Judging by what the variety senior filmwriters report, it introduces Marvel’s long-talked-about new character:

Yeah, you read that right people, As rumoredHarry Styles, a very popular musician and actor, has made his MCU debut as Thanos’ brother Eros.Styles has made some reputable intrusions into acting since his time in One Direction, including Christopher Nolan’s performance. Dunkirk And in the future My cops.. But this will be his greatest role to date, at some distance.

So who is Eros? Also known as Star Fox (although Nintendo’s lawyer probably wouldn’t be called that way on the MCU), he’s a brother of Thanos, but far from the galactic conquest giant you might expect. .. Instead, he’s a galactic playboy and like a feminine. He often fights on the side of the hero, but he also has a gloomy side, ending his stint as a revenge when accused of sexual assault.

As Harry Styles plays him, I think Marvel Studios will cover that side of his character and introduce a fun, loving, but incredibly powerful new hero. For more information Eternals A premiere that includes a complete description of the scene after this extraordinary credit.

Eternals We will land at the theater on November 5th.

[SPOILERS] Confirmed in cameo after Eternals credit

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/spoilers-major-eternals-post-credits-cameo-confirmed/ [SPOILERS] Confirmed in cameo after Eternals credit

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