Sponsor: A guide to building a reliable and scalable infrastructure using the AWS cloud

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Whether you’re building an FPS, MOBA, or RPG on any platform, success depends on your players experiencing seamless and memorable gameplay. So give the players what they want.

These AWS Game Tech guides will show you how to build a consistent and reliable infrastructure that can scale globally. Learn how studios of all sizes can innovate in the cloud.

How major gaming companies such as Pokémon Company International and ArenaNet used the cloud when they needed to choose the right database, meet the demands of hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players, or simply win the competition. You can see an example about.

A Guide to Scalable Data for Games on AWS

With so many database types to choose from, choosing the right data storage solution for your game can be difficult. This guide details how to use different types of databases for your games and how AWS can help you get started.

A Guide to Scaling Global Game Servers on AWS

Scaling game servers to meet the demands of hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players around the world requires a strategic architecture and a strong network. This guide will help you design your game server to be more dynamically scalable on AWS.

Reasons to choose AWS Cloud for Games

The cloud allows studios to stay competitive, increase game lifetime value, save money, and reinvest in games. Learn more about migrating your games to the AWS cloud in this ebook.

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