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Sports, especially the National Football League, help us envision the future of entertainment on the Internet.

Maybe you think it’s nuts.But Edmond LeeNew York Times media reporter said attention should be paid Current negotiations Where Americans will watch soccer games in the coming years. They can decide which TV companies will thrive in the digital age and get a glimpse of which types of shows dominate our favorite websites.

For traditional TV companies like Disney and CBS, the NFL is essential to prevent a sharp drop in TV viewership and support the future of streaming. And maybe Internet stars like Amazon and Facebook — maybe? — I want to play expensive sports for ourselves.

White: Why is the NFL so important?

Ed: Few Americans are watching Although sport, football remains the most popular television show. The NFL requires a TV, and TV network owners need an NFL. The billions of dollars TV networks pay to the NFL, whether watching football or not, will increase the bill for online TV packages such as cable, satellite, or YouTube TV.

Television networks hate paying big sums to air the NFL For a shrinking audience.. But you say they’re probably going to pay twice as much on their next contract. why?

It’s a complicated dance. Disney, Fox, CBS, NBC and others are about to become streaming video companies. But they’re still losing money on streaming, making billions of dollars in profits from traditional television.

If TV networks can make NFL games available on TV and streaming services, we hope that viewers will be hooked on TV. And You will be drawn into the streaming service.

Do you say sports, especially the NFL, are the key to entertainment companies deciding whether to live or die?

Pretty! Let me give you a personal example. The English Premier League soccer match is one of the few I’ve consistently seen in Peacock. NBC Streaming Video Service.. Sports, especially live sports, and most of all, the NFL are still a big attraction. Entertainment companies that have must-see shows will be the ones that move to streaming.

There are billions of people on YouTube and Facebook. Why aren’t there big sports like the Olympics, European football and the NFL?

There was an experiment. Facebook Livestreamed Several Professional Baseball Games and Indians Cricket match..Amazon Prime Video seems to be streaming some NFL games on Thursday Amazon is willing to pay for more games..

But the reality is that sports on those big websites Only one programming in the sea. When the game is on these Big Tech websites, less people will see it.


Maybe people don’t have a habit of watching sports there. When NFL games are broadcast on Amazon Prime Video and cable TV at the same time, millions of people watch them on TV, but only hundreds of thousands on Amazon.

I’m surprised that sporting events on Amazon and Facebook don’t look much like the internet. It’s almost the same as TV broadcasting.

See the activities of the National Basketball Association.It has Started incorporating digital functions For NBA apps like stats that pop up in the game Camera angle selection.. There is no internetization of sports yet. But everything the NBA does can be widely copied.

One point Ed said in our conversation is that Facebook had Change of mind About the wisdom of stepping into the Netflix and Disney lanes and paying the highest amount to host professional entertainment such as the very popular NFL games.

For Facebook, why pay billions of dollars a year for football and Martin Scorsese movies? The company is already spending hours surfing news feeds and Instagram, creating posts and videos almost free of charge.

But until relatively recently, Facebook was enthusiastic about live sports. Maybe the company will change its mind. again.

This is one of the first questions about leisure on the internet. Will you win professional entertainment, including sports, or will you fill your website or app with amateurs?

In reality, a combination of both will probably dominate the Internet, but exploring is a fun question.

There are two basic ways to get our favorite online video Hangouts. Some of them portray people primarily with what the general public makes — think of TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Others, such as Netflix and streaming video services from leading TV entertainment companies, offer the same well-maintained programming you see on your TV.

These two paths are blurry. Professional internet stars make some of the most popular on sites like YouTube. Facebook is paying for video programming In a TV-like hub called Watch..

The big advantage of the Amateur Pass is, well, that it’s cheap. TikTok and Facebook pay nothing for most of the videos and posts we spend hours surfing. YouTube shares revenue with many people who make videos, but it hasn’t been handed over. Scorsese-type money For PewDiePie to become a star.

But at the same time, Internet companies are aware of the benefits of professionally created entertainment, Ed said. Netflix and HBO Max aren’t worried about QAnon’s conspiracy theory spreading by word of mouth. This is because both companies control everything that appears in the streaming service. The downside is that it is costly. The advantage is less generation of horror shows.

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Sports are the private key to the internet Sports are the private key to the internet

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