Spread Cheer, Get Gear: The Dawning Return to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Players have recently spent a lot of time bravely confronting the chilly winter bite while exploring Europa’s harsh frozen landscape. From today, they can find a warm rest on their way home from dawn. This is an annual free holiday event where all Guardians cheer and earn great gear along the way. Pick up a mug of your favorite drink, pull up your chair, and briefly explain what you can expect at dawn from December 15th to January 5th.

As with many holidays, it starts with food. Like last year, Guardians bake lovely holiday sweets and share them with celebrities in the solar system. All you have to do is collect the ingredients you need while adventuring and return them to the Evalevante Holiday Oven in the tower. It’s done, There is a delicious pleasure to share with vendors throughout the game.

Destiny 2-Dawn

Gifts are a big part of the dawn of the year, and Guardians will help you not only bake cookies for your favorite friends, but also earn great rewards, such as a new exotic ship for sailing stars. .. By sharing baked goods with vendors, winning dawn prizes, and claiming dawn victory, players create the spirit of dawn. Once the player has acquired enough dawn spirit, he will be able to unlock customizable options for exotic ships such as multiple engine effects, dawn-themed transmat effects, and unique animated shaders.

Destiny 2-Dawn

Creating a Dawning Spirit allows players to move towards individual rewards, but Dawning aims to share that spirit with everyone. The more Dawn Spirits generated by all Guardians, the greater the reward Eva can claim. Rewards have multiple layers, with currencies such as Enhancement Cores and Dawn Weapons, and, of course, one or two gag gifts. The more you earn, the more rewards are available to everyone.

Destiny 2-Dawn

In addition to the exotic ships, players will also get a new legendary fusion rifle, the Glacioclasm. This ornately crafted energy weapon is the perfect source of conversation mounted on the hearth, but when you take it with you when trekking the solar system, the naughty list is removed. If you want to buy something specific, Tess Everis can get dawn-themed dishes at the Eververse Store, including elf-themed ghost shells and weapon ornaments.

Destiny 2-Dawn

Parents who want to celebrate the dawn can do so until January 5th, when the annual event ends. Remember: Enjoy, eat and enjoy all the joy that this special season brings!

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Spread Cheer, Get Gear: The Dawning Returns to Destiny 2

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