Spread the Joyus Spirit at Trove’s Snowfest Event


  • TroveThe winter event will be back until December 29th with new quests, rewards and decorations.
  • In this year’s adventure, take players to Delves and collect the mysterious Subzero Shadowflakes in exchange for mounts, allies, and other merchandise.
  • Help Trovians save Snowfest!

TroveThe most enjoyable event is approaching us, bringing new mysteries, rewards, and a beautifully decorated world. Entertain the hub, which has become a winter wonderland, and share your joy with us at the Snowfest until December 29th.

Deep in Delves, our adventurers have discovered a new material, the Subzero Shadow Flake! Where did they come from? What can you do with them? And why do they taste bitter on your tongue? With the latest version of Snowfest, it’s up to you to pick up your gear and dig deeper!

Your supporting spirit must not be overlooked. Instead of helping your fellow Trobians prepare for the celebration, you will receive a Snowfest Seal. These little coins can be turned into mounts or frosty treasure boxes for great winter-themed rewards.

Trove: Snowfest

When you feel cheerful, you are now drawn to the current dungeons and tree dungeons that are everywhere. Trove – But don’t be fooled by all the glorious gifts and comfortable candlelight. Watch out for mimics hidden between valuable loot. In fact, you might want to look back …

Want to travel stylishly this season? Then put the sled home and jump on the shadow-stitched Snowfest quilt available to complete the Event Adventure Quest. Dazzle! More costumes and styles are available to turn you into a cookie conjurer or lederhosen lancer and complete your snowfest experience. Also, if you missed last year’s event, don’t look too moody. You also have the chance to complete the collection.

Trove: Snowfest

With you, we can also persuade even the most moody complaints to celebrate this hilarious season with us.Join the hub and bring the fun Snowfest spirit to every corner Trove!!


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Welcome to a bigger and better hub than ever before! “Hubdate” is full of features found in the menu, but now it has a physical shape and a house! Similar updates will be applied to the console platform in the near future. Be sure to visit the hub and check the hub guide for more information. Tell us your new favorite hangout at the hub! There are many other changes and fixes added to this patch, so be prepared to discover new Delve bosses, dungeons, styles and more. What are you looking for? It’s time to dive into Trove and see for yourself what’s new!

Spread the Joyous Spirit in Trove’s Snowfest Event

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