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The schedule for the 2021 Sprint Car Challenge Tour has been announced. (Photo of Devin Mayo)

Placerville, CA – Russell Motorsports Inc. has announced next year’s event schedule for the Sprint Car Challenge Tour announced by Elk Grove Ford and Abreu Vineyards.

The California-based winged 360 sprint car series will be competing in the fourth season after not having a race last year for COVID-19.

Thanks to the great cooperation between the promoters, there will be no conflict again between the Sprint Car Challenge Tour and the King of the West-NARC, giving fans the opportunity to catch each series on several weekends throughout the Golden State.

Also, a pair show with KWS-NARC will be held on the same night, bringing the best in California to the same track on the same night.

The tour also welcomes three new venues for next year’s mix.

The Sprint Car Challenge Tour is pleased to welcome Elk Grove Ford, Abreu Vineyards and Hooger Racing Tires as key sponsors for the coming season. This is the first season to appear twice on the Praserville Speedway on March 27th.

The tour will then return to Placerville on June 12th to host the Dave Bloodway Junior Memorial 30 times alongside KWS-NARC. This is the first opportunity for SCCT to participate in a prestigious event, demonstrating that it will be held for the first time in the familiar Placerville red clay.

The always-risk Petaluma Speedway will host a trio of sprint car challenge tour events in 2021. These dates will take place on April 24th, June 19th and October 16th.

The Sprint Car Challenge Tour will once again be part of the annual Peter Murphy Classic, but this time at Hanford’s Keller Auto Speedway. SCCT 360 will sanction the opening night portion of May 14th, before the Kings of Thunderwinged 360, which takes place on Saturday, May 15th, at the Thunder Bowl Raceway in Turea, concludes the event.

The tour will also return to the Keller Auto Speedway for the annual “Cotton Classic” on October 8th later in the season.

After participating in the Sprint Car Challenge Tour slate in 2018, Merced Speedway will return to the full-point event on July 31st this season as well. The tour will also compete in Merced on a special non-point show on November 24th.

Traditionally, the Sprint Car Challenge Tour will win the championship in a tribute to the 38th Gary Patterson on the Stockton Dirt Track alongside King of the West-NARC.

The tour will also take place on the Independence Day weekend of July 3rd at San Hoa Kin County Fairgrounds for a non-stop competitive night.

Some of the new tracks scheduled for the Sprint Car Challenge Tour will include the Marysville Raceway on May 30 as part of the Memorial Day weekend.

The 1/4 mile bullring race night is Mel Hall Memorial’s 21st run and another great event added to the slate.

For the first time, the Sprint Car Challenge Tour, offered by Elk Grove Ford and Abreu Vineyards, will schedule Chico’s famous Silver Dollar Speedway.

The tour will take place on May 1st for the David Tarter Memorial in a tall 1/4 mile oval.

Also on August 21st, the popular Ocean Speedway in Watsonville will take part in the 61st run of Johnny Key Classic, famous for its sprint car challenge tour.

2021 Sprint Car Challenge Tour Schedule

March 27-Placerville Speedway-Placerville, CA.
April 24 – Petaluma Speedway – Petaluma, CA.
May 1-Silver Dollar Speedway-Chico, CA.
May 14-Keller Auto Speedway-Hanford, CA.
May 30-Marysville Raceway-Marysville, CA.
June 12-Placerville Speedway-Placerville, CA.
June 19-Petaluma Speedway-Petaluma, CA.
July 3 – Stockton Dirt Track – Stockton, CA.
July 31 – Merced Speedway – Merced, CA.
August 21-Ocean Speedway-Watsonville, CA.
October 8 – Keller Auto Speedway – Hanford, CA.
October 16-Petaluma Speedway-Petaluma, CA
November 6-Stockton Dirt Track-Stockton, CA.
November 24 – Merced Speedway – Merced, CA **

** – Non-point special event

– Motorsports

Sprint Car Challenge Tour Set 14-Race Slate Sprint Car Challenge Tour Set 14-Race Slate

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