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Today was another tough day for critical thinkers. So here are some welcome remedies for the top 5% of online fans who want to add to the burden of common sense that dismissing Mourinho may achieve something. ..

One of the main concerns is Tottenham’s defensive capabilities. Some fans are attacking Jose because he is too defensive.So thank our friends Weiss Scout (€) This is where our current megastar is in the Premier League rankings.

For clarity, these stats have been compiled to identify the top 30 players in each category for the current season. You can’t lie if you can’t speak.

There is only one Tottenham player, Pierre Hoybjerg In pole position, Dane won those 249. Numero uno – The best of British football!

Spurs players did not make it to the top 30 list in this area.

20th place in this category Harry Kane In 112 defensive aerial duels. Defender following 24th place at 105 Eric Dier..

The fifth here is Eric Dier 22 shots were blocked and the 18th spot was Toby Alderweireld, with 14 shots rejected.

Son Heung Min He’s obviously not a defender because of the terrible negligence in this area … he came in second on the list and 232 opponents overtook him, which isn’t great. Højbjerg Function, 13th place.

Hugo Lloris scored 25 shots, scoring the 12th most goal in the division.

Hugo only got worse with regards to shots against him. Of course, it’s about acting in front of him. In 10th place, the French suffered 99 attempts.

In conclusion, only two Spurs defenders appear in one of the Premier League’s top defense rankings. This may explain why Mourinho can’t solve with defensive choices or win the game, everyone is very poor.

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Spurs Defender loses completely in Premier League rankings Spurs Defender loses completely in Premier League rankings

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