Spyfest coming from the world of cryptozoic and hobby next week

November 13, 2020 by Polar_Bear

The international world of espionage is a high stakes game of cats and mice. Spyfest Not so high stakes, but still about international espionage. A spy disguised himself as a celebrity and infiltrated a flashy party. They must tell their peers who they are without breaking their covers to enemy spies in the room.This spin-off game from Spyfall I will come to the store next week.

From the announcement:

Cryptozoic Entertainment, the leading creator of table games, trading cards and collectibles, and Hobby World, the leading publisher of Russian table games, announced today. Spyfest ™

International blockbuster spin-off Spyfall A series, this detective party game takes two teams to the Super Spy Convention. There, one player is a spy disguised as a memorable historical or fictional character. The spy’s goal is to describe the character with subtle references to keywords that only teammates know, and the team identifies the character in front of its rivals. The 4- to 10-player game features over 70 original comical illustrations and characters, including Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Zoro.

“”Spyfest It’s an exhilarating party game that rewards witty imagination, “said Eric Moss, Product Development Director at Cryptozoic. “Every round, spy players get the pleasure of taking on the role of a classic character. If you reveal your character’s identity too much, you risk the opposing team guessing it first. Spyfall The series Spyfest offers a whole new experience with the same fast pace and humorous art style. “

To Spyfest, The spy speaks of himself as a character, using keywords that only the team knows. Other players don’t know which character the spy is, but when they try to figure it out, they have a complete character list on their sheet. Any player can ask the spy a question, but the spy chooses whether to answer or not.


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