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Star Wars: Squadrons will now comfortably support post-release content, despite EA’s pre-release dissent. The publisher has revealed that it is preparing two juicy content updates in November and December. , B-wing and TIE defender in multiplayer games.

Of course, EA has seen it deviate from its post-launch content-free plan in the form of Mandalorian-themed cosmetics to celebrate the second season of the television show. However, the next addition to EA will be significantly enriched, starting with a new update on Wednesday, November 25th.

This begins with recreating Squadron’s single-player Fostar Haven map for multiplayer skirmishes and will be available in fleet battle mode and dogfight mode. “Set in a distant, lawless space illuminated by twin stars. This map has been updated from the corresponding map in Story Mode to provide a new experience that fits well with the other six maps. “EA explains. The action is performed in both crowded shipyards and open spaces.

Squadron’s Fostar Haven map, reworked for multiplayer.

As part of the November update, the EA will also introduce four new ship components, giving fighters and bombers access to a boost expansion kit that provides a full rechargeable boost. Interceptors and fighters, on the other hand, will acquire new ion rockets that are said to be useful for capital ships. And the flagship. They move at half the speed of a standard rocket, but can be used with other components.

Bombers and fighters do less damage than other classes, but get prototype piercing torpedoes that can pierce the shields of capital ships and flagships, and U-wings and TIE reapers have access to antimatter rocket turrets. It will be like. “This turret isn’t targeting enemy starfighters, but it’s ready to take on deployables from flagship subsystems, capital ships, and even turrets and other enemy support vessels,” EA said. I will explain.

The addition of two new Starfighters will arrive in December.

Undoubtedly a December update, called “The Last Gift of Thanks for the Holidays,” it will captivate the most, but with one new starfighter each in the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. : B-Wings and TIE Defender.

“These two starfighters are naturally balanced for the purposes of the game, but they are both symbolic and powerful,” says EA. “The B-wing is classified as a bomber-class starfighter, and the TIE defender is a fighter. Each can use faction- and class-related components, but expect a B-wing with a gyro cockpit, a swivel wing, etc. It also has its own side along with the TIE Defender and its shield. “

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Finally, the December update introduces a custom match and custom match browser for two teams, allowing 1-5 players on each side to fight on 7 maps of the squadron in dogfight mode and fleet battle mode. .. The EA states that players can tweak various limits and fixes by adjusting everything from hull / shield / damage values ​​to the health of the capital ship.

You can find out more about Star Wars: Squadrons’ two new updates on the EA website.


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