Square Enix does not remove belt from FINAL FANTASY XIV

FINAL FANTASY XIV character Alfinault and his friends overlook the bay.

figure: square Enix

Willing to be a belt collector FINAL FANTASY XIV.. Contrary to what some players and outlets believed, The developer has not completely removed the belt item from the game.

With the latest memo 6.0 patchKnown as End walker Expansion, the developer said the belts would no longer fall and they would not be available from the quest. Belts also cannot be manufactured, repaired, sold on the market, or equipped to characters. Also, although the item exists as an item, it is not possible to extract material from the belt. They are just the weight of inventory.

In front of the End walker At the extended nerf belt on November 23, market entrepreneurs will need to liquidate these items. If the material is yours, you will need to extract it before the maintenance period. However, you can still remove the material pasted from the belt after the update.

But that is not all the fate and darkness of Belt Pocari Sweat. The specified belt inventory slot will be reassigned to the ring and major weapons. Players can also pass their favorite belts to Calamity Scavenger. For players who own a speedbelt, the Calamity Scavenger exchanges rings with the same special effects.If a player starts a quest that requires a belt item, then another quest item will be required. End walker Maintenance period. And if you’re a procrastin who couldn’t pull out the belt in time, you can still sell your old belt to an NPC vendor at any time.

These adjustments to the belt system reflect Square Enix’s wide range of control attempts. Amount of inventory management FFXIV..For many FFXIV Preventing players from drowning in the weight of their crafting materials is essentially a mini-game. These changes to the belt system involve gameplay changes that eliminate high quality item drops in the wild.

No one is forcing players to remove their belts. But if you really love something, I firmly believe that you need to learn how to let them go.

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