Square Enix has denied reports that the company is for sale

Square Enix moved to shoot down rumors that acquisitions from multiple buyers were being considered after an overnight report.

The original report is from Bloomberg Japan FINAL FANTASY VII Remake And Marvel Avengers The publisher was brought to court by several stakeholders, citing “two bankers familiar with the situation” as the source, but these stakeholders are primarily interested in Square Enix’s gaming division. It wasn’t clear if there was or if they were interested in the company as a whole.

However, Square Enix said in a statement released today (discovered by a friend of Xbox Achievements) that “Bloomberg today reported interest from multiple buyers in the acquisition of Square Enix. The report is groundless. Regarding the announcement by Square Enix Holdings, Inc. We are not considering selling the Company or part of its business, and there are also offers from third parties to acquire the Company or part of its business. I haven’t received it. ”

Analyst Dr. Serkan Toto on Twitter said: Square Enix’s share price rose 13.80% following rumors, but for now the company remains independent, with the recent acquisition by Codemasters by EA, the acquisition by Bethesda by Microsoft, and the footsteps of too many companies. It doesn’t seem to follow. The studios listed here are purchased by Embracer Group.

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