Square Enix launches telecommuting program in December

Final Fantasy The developer, Square Enix, plans to implement a permanent telecommuting program from December 1, 2020.

This decision came after the COVID-19 pandemic allowed employees to work remotely for most of the year, and now Japanese studios are comfortable for all executive officers and employees. He said he intends to continue living.

Mr. Square explained that the program creates a “flexible and diverse work environment” while increasing productivity and helping employees achieve an “optimal work-life balance”.

“The additional options this program creates not only allow companies to hire more diverse talent, but also establish an organization that can adapt to unexpected developments such as disasters and changing employment models. “The company statement said.

“By adopting new ways of working for a new world, our employees will be able to be even more creative by continuing to provide content and services that meet their expectations to customers around the world. So, the company strives to further increase its corporate value. “

A survey conducted in June revealed that about 80% of workers had a positive view of working from home and that the program ended based on their feedback and other practical considerations. I explained that I did.

However, the company has not completely abolished the office, with “at-home” staff working from home on average at least three days a week and “at-office” employees at least a week. He says he will spend three days. At the company. That said, as of December, about 80% of employees are classified as “at home,” and it is expected that their status will change monthly based on the intensity of their workload.

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