Square Enix launches telecommuting program next month

2020 was a unique year. During the pandemic, the entire technology and video gaming industry had to work from home.

With this in mind, Square Enix-publishing upcoming releases such as: Balan Wonderworld And recently revealed NEO: The world ends with you -Announced that the “Work from Home” program will provide more flexibility to employees and executive officers.

The program started on December 1, and Square Enix estimates that about 80% of the team will be at home (on average, at least three days a week from home). Office-based roles depend on the work required (employees work an average of three or more days a week from the office).

The reasons behind this decision are as follows:

Square Enix has sought options to increase work style flexibility in the event of COVID-19. In response to this, Square Enix has implemented a series of measures since February 2020, such as working from home, shifting working hours, and online meetings.

After continuing to implement these measures, Square Enix conducted a survey in June, showing that about 80% of its employees have a positive view of working from home. Square Enix also carefully considered a wide range of opinions from various companies, including games, publishing, and music, regarding the practicality of working from home. The program was completed based on these considerations. Instead of establishing comprehensive rules for those who work at home and those who work in the office, Square Enix enables both those who perform their duties and those who manage them by enabling the option to change their status each month. I designed a program that is very satisfying for me.

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