Square Enix promises a permanent telecommuting option • .net

Improving diversity and work-life balance, which are cited as potential benefits.

Square Enix is ​​currently adopting a telecommuting system due to the coronavirus pandemic, but due to its permanent telecommuting program, it will be offered as an option in the longer term.

Square Enix explained in a press release that working from home will be established as a “permanent and core program” alongside other work styles from December 1st. “By doing so, the company hopes not only to create a flexible and diverse work environment, but also to increase productivity and help employees achieve optimal work-life balance,” the press release said. Stated. “The additional options this program creates not only allow companies to hire more diverse talent, but also establish an organization that can adapt to unexpected developments such as disasters and changing employment models. . “

Many predict that the coronavirus pandemic will bring long-term changes in the way we work and make remote work (or hybrid systems) a more acceptable model. Increased flexibility is expected to open the door to people who find it difficult to work in the office, such as those who live in remote areas, working parents, and people with disabilities (via the BBC).

Square Enix conducted an internal survey and found that 80% of its employees had a positive view of working from home. In December, the first month of the program, we expect 80% of our employees to be at home, but employees can change their status on a monthly basis between home and office-based.

In October, Microsoft also announced a move to a more flexible model in terms of both working hours and location. This has added that part-time remote work is considered the “current standard”.


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