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The developers of the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, Bravely Default II, shared some fresh information about the game world, characters, jobs, and systems. You can take in quite a bit, but all the latest juicy details are listed below. Square Enix’s fantasy RPG has been long-awaited by fans, and the title is scheduled for the February 26 release date. It’s no exaggeration to say that Nintendo and Square Enix will soon share title details, but check out some of the details below to see what’s coming up. I think it’s definitely worth the wait.

The story begins when our hero, the young sailor Seth, is launched on the shore of one of the five kingdoms of Excillant. Here he meets Gloria, the princess who fled the kingdom when it was destroyed by an evil force trying to steal crystals. He also meets two travelers, Elvis and Adele, who have decided to decipher a mysterious and magical book. Guided by fate, it’s up to you to stop threatening these heroes and all Excillants.

■ Character

Seth (Shunsuke Takeuchi voice)

hero. Excillant A young sailor ashore on the continent. After meeting the abandoned princess Gloria, she robbed the crystal and went on a journey with her to find it.

Musa Gloria (Voice of Hou Shimamura)

Princess Musa, a country that watched over world peace through crystals. But when the crystal was stolen, the country was destined to be ruined. After escaping and staying hidden, she embarks on a journey to regain the crystal.

Elvis Laszlo (Kazuhiko Inoue voice)

A scholar who travels the world. He is traveling in search of the acerisk needed to decipher the magical book left by his master.

Adel Ain (Yukana’s voice)

A mercenary to hire. She goes on a journey with Elvis as a guard in search of a magical book.

■ World

Orthodox evolution of Bravely series.The world of warm miniature gardenesque is even more beautifully depicted Bravely Default II..

Continent of excitement

Different worlds fill the continent of Excillant where our story is set. What are you waiting for our heroes before they set out to reach their goals …?

Harsionia, the country of spring breeze

A scenic country blessed with nature and ruled by King Placido, known as a great soldier. It became independent from Musa in the north about 400 years ago. Many people visit the country for an assortment of delicacies.

Sloan, “Blue Forest” (Hideyuki Tanaka voice)

The greatest swordfighter on the continent of Exilant, a man praised as a loyal vassal of Princess Gloria. He served the land of Musa, but fled to Halcyonia with Gloria.

Placido halcyonia (Voice of Kento Fujinuma)

King of Halcyonia. While known as a master of military art, he is highly trusted by the people of Halcyonia thanks to his fair and just leadership. He is a kind king and will spare no effort to protect Gloria and rebuild Musa after her country collapses.

Doug rampage (Junichi Suwabe voice)

A mercenary teamed up with Serene Noetic. He may be a wild and reckless man who does whatever he needs on a payday, but when he’s convinced of something, he’s passionate about it. He has one for Selene, but she is out of his league.

Serene Noetic (Tomoyo Kurosawa)

A keen and smart woman who works with Dag Rampage. She is a veteran mercenary and has survived many battlefields while controlling the rash Doug.

■ System

In addition to the traditional turn-based combat system that combines work and abilities, you can enjoy unique, innovative and strategic combat. Bravely Series by controlling your turn through the Brave and Default system.

(1) Brave and default

The secret to winning a battle is to decide whether to use “Brave” or “Default” and when to use it, while managing the “BP” (Brave Point) that enables action.

— “Brave” allows you to advance your BP and perform up to 4 consecutive attacks.

-By using “default”, you can guard while earning BP.

(2) Work and ability

Each character has a “main job” and a “sub job”. By combining jobs, you can process two capabilities at the same time. You can create a balanced all-rounder with defensive attacks, or perhaps a character that specializes in magic. It’s up to you to develop your tactics and each character.

-Combine jobs to create your own character.

(3) Get a new job

“Asterisk holders” often block forward paths. By defeating them, you can earn an asterisk that allows you to change jobs.

— You can switch to a thief job by defeating the thief asterisk holder.

-Defeat the Asterisk Holder to unleash your work abilities.

— There are many jobs, and you can learn new abilities as you level up in each job. The abilities learned in one job can be freely combined with other jobs.

The more you advance the story, the more diverse the party will be organized.

■ Work

Equipping the various tasks gained by defeating the Asterisk Holder will significantly change your stats, abilities, weapon expertise, and special attacks.


Average work with no special features. They not only facilitate the adventure itself, but also have the ability to cover party members.


Equipped with heavy armor and shields, it can attract enemy attacks.

White mage

They use a lot of magic, such as recovery and support, to increase the survival rate of other party members.

Black mage

A black magic expert who can defeat multiple enemies at once using powerful magic.


An attacker who fights with only his fists to give a powerful blow.


A thief with high evasion and action speed that can steal various items from enemies.

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Square Enix shares more Bravely Default II info (characters, world, jobs & more)

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