Squid Game Season 2 negotiations confirmed, but series creators haven’t done it in a hurry

Squid game After stopping by without fanfare this month, it became a global phenomenon out of nowhere. Netflix.. In the Korean Series, a group of unlucky ordinary people are invited to the game to offer huge prizes to the winners, but a brutal exit strategy for those who couldn’t complete what seemed simple at first glance. The game presented to more and more participants. Of course, now that the series has reported $ 900 million, the question that follows the news is when is the second season?When faced with this question, show creator Hwang Dong-hyuk told a British newspaper. ParentsIt was almost a natural conclusion that the follow-up discussion was being discussed.

“Of course there is a story,” said the fan. “Because it is inevitable It was such a success.. Under consideration. A very high level image comes to mind, but I’m not going to work on it right away. I have a movie I really want to make. I’m thinking about which one to do first. I’m going to talk to Netflix. “

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Few filmmakers completely entertain the idea of ​​doing what they are interested in before the second season’s “Sure Money Spinner.” Squid game Fans should be praised for not dropping everything immediately to chase money. When it comes to money, fan work can make millions of dollars for Netflix, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen it much yet. “I’m not that rich,” he admits. “But it’s enough for me. It’s enough to put food on the table. And Netflix isn’t paying me a bonus. Netflix paid me according to the original contract.” He laughs. I added while. “I have to do Season 2 Squid gameWinner. “

First created by a fan Squid game From the situation of his own family during the 2009 financial crisis that hit the world hard. “I was in great financial distress because I retired from the company my mother worked for. There was a movie I was working on, but we couldn’t get the money. So I Couldn’t work for about a year. We had to take out a loan-mother, me, grandmother. ” “I read Great battle When Liar game And other survival game comics. I had a relationship with the people in them who were anxious for money and success. It was the worst of my life.If there is survival game I wondered if I would actually participate to make money for my family. Since I was a filmmaker, I realized that I could come into contact with these stories myself, so I started writing. “

Of course, there was a lot of debate about Show’s commitment to capitalismHowever, the writer simply had to insist, and for him it was very simple. “It’s not serious! It’s very simple! I believe the overall global economic order is unequal and about 90% of people believe it is unfair. During a pandemic , Poor countries can’t vaccinate their people. I’ve tried to convey a message about modern capitalism because they’re infected with the virus on the streets and even dying. , It’s not profound. “

Fans certainly don’t seem to be heavily influenced by the offer of money to Create a second season for the show He simply didn’t want to be known as the “Squid Man” and actively approached Netflix about adding previous movies to streaming services so that people could taste his other works. ..It is no exaggeration to say Squid gameIn the future, fans are definitely the ones who are calling for shots. This story is Parents..

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Squid Game Season 2 negotiations confirmed, but series creators haven’t done it in a hurry

https://movieweb.com/squid-game-season-2-talks-hwang-dong-hyuk/ Squid Game Season 2 negotiations confirmed, but series creators haven’t done it in a hurry

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